All Ford cars will work on Android operating system, software updates like phones

Ford and Google announced a six-year strategic partnership. Under this, Google’s Android operating system will be installed in the infotainment screen of all Ford cars and trucks from 2023. With Android operating system, drivers will be able to use Google Map for in-vehicle navigation and Google Voice Assistant without Android phone. Since 2007, all vehicles in the Ford portfolio have been coming with the company’s sink system. At the moment it is unclear whether Ford will continue to use the Sync name on this new system.

In-car version of Google Play Store will be found in vehicles

From 2023, Ford will begin offering an in-car version of the Google Play Store to download apps for things like car music, audiobooks and podcasts. Ford and Google officials said – Google will be the service provider of Ford for cloud data storage. Ford will also use Google’s artificial intelligence and data analytics capabilities to improve things like customer service, manufacturing and marketing.

As part of their partnership, Ford and Google will form a group called Team Upshift, which can work together with companies in new ways. For example, this team will work on things like improving online car shopping experience using customer data. At the moment the companies did not disclose the financial terms of the partnership.
Software update will be provided in the car like a phone

Newer models such as the Ford Mustang Mac-E and the redesigned F-150 will get ‘over the air’ software update downloads just like smartphones. Customers will not have to go to the dealership for software upgrades. The same facility will also be available for vehicles with the new Android Auto operating system.

Drivers with an Apple device will still have access to the Apple Car Play, so that they will be able to use their phone through the car. Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant system will also be introduced in vehicles according to the customer’s preference.

Google’s first major partnership with automaker company

This is Google’s first major partnership with an automaker company. Volvo and its electric car maker company Polstar also use the Android operating system in some of their vehicles.

There is also such arrangement between General Motors and Microsoft
General Motors (GM) has recently announced a similar arrangement with Microsoft. In which Microsoft will work to provide cloud storage for GM and Cruise (GM’s autonomous car company). However, Google did not say whether Google’s cloud computing system would be used for Autonomous vehicles or not, as in the GM and Microsoft deals.