Finance Minister announced 11 thousand crore budget for Metro, know what is the difference between Metro Light and Metro Neo

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Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is presenting the country’s general budget today. In this budget, he made several announcements related to the rail budget for the Transport Department. On Monday, the Finance Minister announced a fund of 1 lakh 18 thousand crores to the Ministry of Transport and made a provision of 11 thousand crores for the metro. During this, the Finance Minister said that apart from Indian Railways, the focus should be on the increasing metro, city bus service. Metro will also get the facility of light, neo, and water metro under the announcement of 11 thousand crore budget. India has joined select countries in the world where there is a facility of the driverless metro.

Light metro

The corridor of this metro is on the ground parallel to the road and the station is like a bus stand. A 21.7 km metro light corridor is proposed between Rithala to Narela in Delhi. It will have three to four coaches. 300 passengers can travel in the three-coach metro. The wheels of the metro have rubber.

Metro Neo

Metro Neo has been brought to those cities of the country which have a population of up to 2 million. The cost of a three-coach Metro Neo running on rubber tires is 40 percent less than the cost of construction of the traditional metro. It does not require large space for station premises. It can run on the surface of the road or on the elevated corridor.

The length of this corridor will be 19 kilometers. 200 to 300 people can travel in each coach. The cost of running it is also less than the traditional metro. It will be lighter than the metro light and like a tram so it can also be called a metro bus.

It is proposed to build a corridor of Metro Neo from Kirti Nagar to Dwarka Sector 25 in Delhi. Initially, the project was for Light Metro, later the Ministry of Urban Development has proposed to change it to construct Metro Neo.

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