Bank of Maharashtra’s Todays Strike Postponed: Bank of Maharashtra employees union deferred after meeting management

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  • Today's one-day strike called by the trade union in Bank of Maharashtra has been averted.
  • Bank of Maharashtra branches across the country will continue to operate as usual,
  • Management responded positively to some of the workers' demands

The one-day strike called by the Bank of Maharashtra workers’ union has been called off demanding that the bank management recruit enough people. After discussions with the administration, the labor leaders decided to postpone the strike immediately. (All India Bank of Maharashtra Employees Federation has deferred its Strike proposed on 12th March 2021) Therefore, the operations of Bank of Maharashtra’s branches across the country will resume as usual on Friday, March 12, 2021, the union said in a statement.

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Maharashtra Bank does not have permanent cleaners from more than eleven hundred branches and has not appointed permanent sepoys from more than six hundred branches. The bank has not filled the vacancies of clerks who have been vacant due to death, retirement, resignation, promotion for the last five years. Apart from this, new branches have been opened, the business has grown and the number of vacancies has increased. As many as 6,000 AIBEA members from more than 1,900 branches across the country were to go on a one-day symbolic one-day nationwide strike on March 12 to demand immediate recruitment by the administration.

However, with the initiative of the Pune Labor Commissioner, All India recently Bank of Maharashtra A meeting was held between the representatives of the Employees Federation and the representatives of the management of Mahabank. Management has taken a positive stance on some of the demands of the workers in this meeting. The unions were also assured to continue discussions to find a solution. As a result, the trade unions decided to immediately postpone today’s one-day strike on March 12.

Bank of Maharashtra will resume operations, as usual, today, March 12, while all Bank of Maharashtra employees will join the strike called by all trade unions on March 15 and 16, All India said. Bank of Maharashtra Devidas Tuljapurkar, General Secretary, Employees Federation explained.

Earlier, in the first phase of the agitation, the demand day was observed by the organization. Protests, demonstrations, mass deputations, etc. were organized. On March 5, the Regional Labor Commissioner, Pune, had also called on the bank to comply with the union’s demands and called a final meeting on March 10.

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