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Mehul Choksi: Fugitive Mehul Choksi went missing in Antigua, police in search


Mehul Choksi missing: Fugitive diamond trader Mehul Choksi has gone missing in Antigua. After the disappearance, the Antigua police have launched a major operation to search for him. Choksi’s lawyer Vijay Aggarwal informed Choksi’s disappearance in a conversation with news agency ANI. Aggarwal says that Choksi’s family is worried and upset. They have called him for a conversation about this. The Antigua Police is investigating the matter. Choksi’s lawyer says that a member of his family told him over the phone that Mehul had gone missing in Antigua.

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Choksi went to dinner

Aggarwal said that the news of Mehul’s disappearance has also appeared on an Antigua website. The lawyer says that Mehul went to dinner. His car was found there but he was missing. The Antigua Police has launched a massive search operation to find out about Mehul. Choksi is accused of the Punjab National Bank scam.

Antigua police searching for Mehul

According to the report published in the Antigua News Room website, Police Commissioner Attlee Rodney said that the police are looking for Indian businessman Mehul Choksi. He is being reported missing.

Li Antigua citizenship after investment

Please tell that Choksi has acquired citizenship after investing in Antigua and Barbuda. He is said to have been seen driving a car near the Jolly Harbor community around 5 pm Sunday. It is being told that he had gone to have dinner at a popular restaurant in the southern part of the island. Then he was not seen. Police have recovered his car but no trace of it has been found so far.

Mehul is accused of PNB scam

Choksi fled the country after committing fraud in the Punjab National Bank. An arrest warrant has been issued against Choksi in the Punjab National Bank fraud case. The investigative agencies declared him an absconder if he did not appear in the case. Choksi’s assets worth Rs 2,500 crore have been attached so far.

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