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Petrol price Today: Fuel rate, Petroleum companies take ‘yes’ decision for 10th consecutive day

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  • Petroleum companies kept fuel prices stable on Tuesday.
  • For the tenth day in a row, there was no change in fuel prices.
  • Companies put a break on fuel prices after the announcement of five state elections

In the global commodity market Crude oil prices After going to 70, the burden of oil imports will increase. However, the petroleum companies, which have been criticized for raising the price of petrol to Rs 100, have not changed the price of fuel again. Petroleum companies in the country kept fuel prices stable on Tuesday. Petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged for the tenth day in a row. This has brought immediate relief to the customers.

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Opposition parties have already targeted the central government over the fuel price hike. The government was surrounded by the opposition during a parliamentary session on Monday. This brought the Parliament to a standstill. Recently, the Central Election Commission has announced five state elections. Therefore, companies are said to be cautious about fuel prices. Earlier, due to the October-November elections in Bihar, fuel prices were kept stable by petroleum companies for 48 days.

Petroleum companies made no change in Petrol price and diesel prices for the tenth day in a row on Tuesday. Petrol is still available at Rs 97.57 in Mumbai on Tuesday. The price of a liter of diesel is Rs 88.60. In Delhi, a liter of petrol costs Rs 91.17 today. Diesel is priced at Rs 81.47. In Chennai, petrol is priced at Rs 93.17 today. Diesel is priced at Rs 86.45.

In Kolkata, petrol is priced at Rs 91.35 today. Diesel is priced at Rs 84.35. In Bangalore, petrol is priced at Rs 94.22 and diesel at Rs 86.37. Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh has the highest ever record price of Rs 89.76 for diesel. In Bhopal, petrol is priced at Rs 99.21 today.

In the last four days, the price of crude oil in the global commodity market has risen by six dollars. WTI crude fell by भाव 0.26 to ६ 64.79 a barrel in Singapore on Tuesday. On Monday, Brent crude crossed the ७० 70 levels after nearly a year. Brent crude fell डॉलर 1.12 to. 68.24 today.

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