Tips To Easily Reduce Business Printing Costs

Tips To Easily Reduce Business Printing Costs: Have you been thinking about how to reduce your business printing costs lately? You have reached the right destination. Let us take it slow and understand the basics first. 

Printing of any document may it be folder printing for a presentation or simply a company portfolio to be given to the client has the ability to take your business to new heights. A few types of research show that around 1 % to 3 % of the total revenue goes into printing for most of the companies. Most of the businesses do not take this into consideration due to a lot of reasons like no proper software to track down such costs. Now, this has become a problem, moreover an expensive one. If such is the case with multi-level companies, what about start-ups? 

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But as every problem comes with a solution, there are ways to reduce yearly printing costs. You can opt for black and white prints instead of colour. The trick is to use colours only when absolutely necessary. As it goes with the colours, so it does with text. You can print only the needed part of the whole content or adjust the content to fit so that all the content fits in fewer prints. You can also encourage your employees to opt for duplex printing, as this can reduces paper costs too. Having said all of the ways to cut the Reduce costs of Business printing, the best way is to get presentation folders. 

What are presentation folders?

A folder that represents your company having your company logo is what defines a presentation folder. It is a simple file that has a collection of documents that are handed out from one person to another. Giving one of the huge benefits of protecting privacy on the contents inside, an A4 folder printing is capable of completing complex roles around the office. These folders generally have stiff heavy paper, folded in half. They are available in various sizes, colours and designs which make it easier to customize it according to your liking. 

However, while you design your A4 presentation folders, you need to understand a few related points. You should make sure that you have understood your target audience and have designed likewise. Similarly, the content inside the folder should justify the design. The overall look and feel should be in terms of your company morals and ethics. 

How can they reduce costs?

In this age of multi-tasking and multi-purpose things, wouldn’t we like it if we could get just one document that solves all of our printing woes? This is exactly how an A4 folder works. One folder that can be used for various reasons around the office helps your company to reduce printing costs quite exponentially. The ways in which a presentation folder can be used are mentioned below as you read.  

1. A Handout:

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A handout is basically a kind of flyer that provides you with the necessary information in a precise manner, generally in a custom A4 folder format. When observed, you must have seen or even gotten a flyer at various seminars and presentations that are given out free or placed on the tables. These give your event a professional vibe, with a bonus of easy transportation and distribution. The main purpose is that your clients and potentials customers present at your event can review the same information later. This saves a lot of money as a presentation folder serves as a handout too. 

2. A Brochure:

If you run a start-up organization that provides a product or even services, a company brochure is a must. A brochure is similar to a leaflet that gives information about the company details along with its specific logo and design. It is mainly used to introduce your company to your clients and potential customers. A personalized A4 folder can be successfully used as a company brochure. You should make sure all the contents are properly placed inside. The cover should align with what your company stands for. As a storehouse of information for your clients and potential customers, presentation folders blend in as a company brochure. 

3. A Portfolio:

We all love to make great first impressions. How about making a grand impression in front of your clients with leather presentation folders as you give your portfolio? A portfolio is something that is a collection of company data, public or private. It acts as an overview of the company’s products, services and achievements. The main goal of a portfolio is to establish a company’s brand in the market, introduce your presence and attract potential clients and customers. With folder printing you can achieve two goals in one, create a brand image and give a successful presentation. 


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A company requires a lot of things to be printed. Though things have become digital, let us not underestimate the power of well-designed presentation folders. They are the most cost-effective method to market and advertises your company in a successful way. These folders will help you to grow your business with multiple roles in just one printing cost.

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