Why Does Your eCommerce Website Fail in Conversion? Top Ways to Get Success


The recent pandemic has caused a significant uptick in consumer eCommerce activity. However, it has fueled the eCommerce industry as a whole. Many traditional businesses who’ve left behind the digital transformation have now moved the online platforms.

According to Forbes, the biggest retailers in the U.S. including Amazon received the majority of the sales during the pandemic. The paradigm shift is seen in the shopping pattern of customers as most of them are switching to online shopping portals and subsequently, businesses are switching too. An eCommerce site benefits businesses in building brands, reaching out to countless targeted customers, and selling more products. 

To be competitive and boost conversions on your eCommerce site, it is very essential to develop an eCommerce site that is more appealing and improves the user experience. 

Are you struggling to get good conversions on your eCommerce websites? Here we’ve complied the top reasons that can help you leverage the full potential of your eCommerce store and get higher conversions through:

  1. eCommerce Website Design: 

If your eCommerce website looks good and users can easily access it, then they’ll spend more time in browsing and making purchases. Make your eCommerce store accessible to all by removing barriers for people who learn and think differently by combining accessibility and usability in their processes. The most successful way to sell something is to let your customers “feel it”. 

75% of buyers profess that they judge business trustworthiness based on their website’s design. So, your eCommerce website must be well-designed that not only brings great visual appeal but also has absolute user flow. 

In any case, the best method to figure out what works for your specific audience is to test every component from the landing page to your checkout page on your eCommerce website. Such all features need to be carefully designed for your eCommerce website. 

Additionally, actual data and customer feedback on your eCommerce website are the best data to showcase rather than any hypothesis. However, Following top web designing UI/UX trends will help you design your eCommerce store appropriately.

Eventually, make sure your eCommerce website is well-designed so that it can adapt to any screen size. Conversions will increase if your design is truly responsive.

  1. Contact Details not Visible: 

If your eCommerce website doesn’t have contact details or if it is hidden. In this regard, customers will not trust your eCommerce website and there are chances that they will not make any purchase from you.  

Every page of your eCommerce website should have your contact details. It should be simple to locate. The page header or page footer is the best place to include your contact details. 

Provide as many contact details as possible like email address, contact number, physical address, contact form, and so on. Also, it is good to provide chat support for customer case service to assist users in their buying journey. All these details will increase the customers’ trust in your business. If your product is expensive, customers will need detailed contact information for their specific needs. 

  1. Poor Checkout Process:

Customers may be irritated by a lengthy checkout procedure, which can harm your online reputation. The checkout procedure should be simple and quick. If there are more steps between adding a product to the cart and paying for it, the consumer may abandon the order before it is completed.

The 3-4 steps checkout process is the ideal process one can have. Product added to cart, once the product is added to the cart, give them the option to preview the order and place it. After placing an order, ask them their delivery address and the final step for payment. After successful payment, your eCommerce website should display confirmation or order successfully placed messages. Message or mail them the invoice and delivery date for assurance.  That’s how a user’s journey should end-up while making any purchases,conveniently.  

  1. Limited Investment in Marketing: 

A powerful marketing plan is a key to success. Businesses should first research the market before analyzing it. You won’t be able to comprehend the current market condition unless you do this. After that, you must identify your target customer to develop an effective marketing strategy.

Furthermore, the marketing strategy will depend on buyer’s persona- customer’s age, gender, and buying habits. 

You must do content marketing to promote your products. The majority of online sales begin with a search, make sure you have a search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search marketing strategy in place. Otherwise, your eCommerce startups will fail without a powerful marketing strategy. 

  1. Competitive Price: 

Price is the biggest concern for users while making any purchase, especially while doing it online as they have many choices to choose from. So, if any users don’t like your pricing, they’ll quickly shift to some other competitor’s online store. Therefore, If you do not keep your product price competitive you will start to lose customers. 

Competition-based price means offering a better price than your competitors. Examine your product price to the price of similar products offered by your competitors over different channels and adjust the price accordingly. 

Competitive pricing might help you beat the competition by attracting lower-cost customers. If you want to attract budget-conscious customers, this is a fantastic alternative because they are ready to compromise on brand loyalty in exchange for a lower price.

Pricing tools such as Plutus make it simple to conduct market research and determine prices based on competition.

  1. Shipping Cost: 

The amount you charged for shipping greatly affects your number of successful conversions. The lower the shipping charges the more buyers you will have. Businesses should try to keep free shipping or shipping as low as possible.

If such an offering increases your number of buyers you would be crazy doing it, isn’t so? 36% of online customers quit a purchase because they do not want to pay for shipping. So try keeping your shipping charges nominal or free. 

  1. Low-Quality Images: 

Your online store should look attractive to get more user’s attention. Make sure to put your focus to create a good looking online store by choosing each product images carefully to make them look attractive.  

Always upload images that display your product from multiple sides. Use high-resolution images, provide a zoom-in option, and give unique, detailed product descriptions. Avoid using generic product descriptions and images that you already have from the supplier. 

  1. Security: 

Make your online store fully secured and protective against the hackers and brutal cyber-attacks. Online users are more concerned about  unauthorized access, use, alteration and destruction. 

When an eCommerce store lacks the appropriate security safeguards, both online merchants and customers are vulnerable to money fraud, scams, data breaches, and other big threats. 

The biggest advantages of integrating security for eCommerce is that you may acquire your buyer’s trust by making them feel safe purchasing from you. By doing so, you also secure your online store and sensitive data of both customers and businesses. 

  1. Lack of Customer Support: 

The customer is always a  king. Lack of customer support will affect your customer retention. Through your personal shopping experience, you feel esteemed customers, if you have been given excellent customer service. 

Good customer support builds a better customer experience and it helps in growing more customers and overall business. Taking into consideration, customers today are not merely interested in just buying but they require all the additional support. 

Are you Ready for the Success of your eCommerce Website? 

Around 80-90% of eCommerce businesses fail in their first year because of the above factors. By now, you must have become familiar with all the ways to improve your eCommerce conversion.  Refer to the recommendations mentioned above and turn your eCommerce website into a successful business. 

The eCommerce experts at Ace Infoway are well-versed in online store creation with Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Big Commerce. Before suggesting a suitable solution, we’ll comprehensively analyze your business metrics, goals, objectives, products, rivals, market insights in general, and other competitive aspects. Hence, our web development consultation helps you reduce the risk of eCommerce failure while also providing a well-designed website.

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