What is the future scope after Bachelor’s in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence?


The world is constantly updating with technological advancements in every sphere of our lives. People are relentlessly chasing the upcoming trends and try to incorporate these technologies into their professional realms. Data science and artificial intelligence have taken the world by storm as every industry irrespective of its specialization is trying to incorporate it into its business operations. The massive amount of data that we encounter daily is to be analyzed so that we can develop useful insights for building more efficient tools and techniques. data science is one such program designed to let students understand the dynamics of this upcoming technology. Data Science has a wide range of applications in diverse sectors including the ones mentioned below:

  • Health care sector: The healthcare industry is advancing at a rapid rate so that it can cater to the ever-growing population in a very systematic manner. Data scientists are required to keep up with the amount of data that is being generated daily in such industries. The Healthcare sector generates a lot of data regularly and an unprofessional individual cannot handle such kind of voluminous data. They have to track down their patient’s medical history, bills, treatments, past procedures, and many other related things on a quick access button which can only be done by a data scientist. Medical science demands professionals like data improve the quality of their data while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Transport Sector: The transportation industry incorporates a lot of tools to gather data about their customers through location managers, ticketing websites, counting systems, asset management, fare collection systems, and many others. This huge amount of data requires professionals so that they can analyze and develop insights to build more robust information systems.
  • E-commerce: This booming industry has to constantly keep on analyzing a huge bulk of data coming in daily. They have to hire people so that they can develop efficient ways of customizing ads, promotional campaigns, and even mails. 

Job profiles that can be explored with a degree in data science and artificial intelligence:

  1. Machine learning engineer: Artificial intelligence projects are developed by machine learning engineers as they are quite acquainted with all the platforms that are incorporated into building such technologies. They are equipped with expert knowledge of predictive models, multiple programming languages, and much more. 
  2. Data scientists: They mostly handle databases for collecting, evaluating, interpreting, and leveraging the data analytic tools to solve complex algorithms. They are equipped with excellent knowledge of big data platforms like Hive, Hadoop, MapReduce, Pig, Spark, and many others.
  3. Business intelligence developers: The professionals associated with such job roles are responsible for identifying opportunities while interpreting the data collected by different artificial intelligence tools. They analyze the databases for developing useful insights.

So, if you are aiming for a career in data science and artificial intelligence, then you must equip yourself with all the industry-specific tools and practice. You can also sign up for the bachelor’s program in data science to develop a deeper understanding of the subject.

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