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In need of a betting broker? BET-IBC has you covered


Have you ever wondered why when people want to buy (or sell) a house they usually need the services of a real estate agent? The answer is a rather simple yet complex one. Simple because, essentially, realtors just present the available options in the market for clients to select the one they like the most and take care of the tedious process that buyers don’t really want to stress about. It is also complex because the aforementioned process entails a series of steps and procedures that might be strenuous. Besides, in many cases, realtor groups also serve as a means of ensuring that everything is carried out within the framework of the law.

This principle that’s so useful in the real estate industry can also be applied to other economic sectors, such as sports betting. In fact, some of the top Asian and European bookmakers are only available through them. Therefore, much like with a realtor, choosing the right betting broker can mean the difference between huge profits and great losses. In that regard, BET-IBC is the go-to solution and today we are analyzing why. Buckle up and prepare for some impactful discoveries.

Online sports betting agent

While betting is no longer generally regarded as an illegal and/or immoral act in most western countries, this leisure activity still carries some bad stigmas that aren’t easy to shake off. Not to mention the countries where it continues to be frowned upon. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, sportsbooks and other types of betting establishments now have an online presence and bettors can use their services discretely, legally and without moving a single step further than necessary. Nevertheless, online sports betting also has challenges of its own. For instance:

  • There are a considerable number of unreliable or fraudulent offers on the web and punters might not know how to avoid them.
  • Some bookmakers are not available in certain regions due to exciting political or legislative limitations.
  • Security concerns make bettors reluctant to provide their precious personal and financial data in order to open and keep a betting account.

These challenges are not easy to follow and sometimes prevent people interested in sports betting to fulfill their desires. Fortunately, a betting broker such as BET-IBC gets rid of such inconveniences and allows bettors to conduct their wagering business in an easy and secure way, in hopes of getting profits from their favorite sports and competitions.

An attractive betting proposal

With a great catalog of bookmakers that includes the best Asian and European sportsbooks and exchanges, BET-IBC’s users can be assured that they will find the sport as well as the market and odds they are looking for in order to wager, regardless of the league’s location or popularity. They also have the option to choose between taking the odds either from bookies or from other players, or even offering their own set if the situation demands it. Moreover, its website is among the most modern and cleanest in existence and its high-standard security protocols will put to rest any concern in the matter. 

Furthermore, BET-IBC also offers betting advice and content designed to educate bettors on the best practices, strategies, and markets that can enrich their experience as well as facilitate a successful wagering endeavor, which is the ultimate goal. Among them, there is the best professional team of tipsters that provide each week provide their picks free of charge for all users to compare with their own before taking a decision. There is also the blog section, where the basics of sports betting are explained in detail for novice bettors to get the know-how directly from the minds of experts.

Last but certainly not least, BET-IBC also has a 24/7 customer support service available via live chat, Skype, and e-mail, so that any possible issue may be reported and most importantly resolved as soon as possible.  Therefore, with all those features, it is easy to understand the reasons to register for a betting account with broker, especially since the best betting agent is waiting to make your online sports betting experience a simple and profitable one.


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