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Is VIP-IBC the best betting platform?


The gambling industry has its fair share of terms to denote different providers and establishments, whether offline or online. In that regard, a betting platform is a website that lists the odds provided by different bookmakers and displays them for bettors to see, analyze and compare in an easy way. In other words, it is an effective way to handle multiple bookmakers through a single account. However, having a platform is not an easy matter, especially if a brand wants to compete for the first place. That’s why VIP-IBC had to:

  • Gather the best bookies in the industry
  • Design an interface where all the odds are shown side by side
  • Implement functional betting algorithms
  • Put together a team of professional tipsters that provide their insight
  • Provide the best support for their clients

Thus, today we are going to check their offer on a deeper level in order to determine if the claims are just empty talk or if VIP-IBC is in fact the best betting platform.

Definitions are in order

VIP-IBC is a licensed sports betting software, which means that any concern about legality and credibility that punters might have are put to rest. The company also offers a completely immersive and comprehensive betting experience that includes comfort, speed and real opportunities for getting substantial profits out of your favorite sport.

This software is the aforementioned platform and it provides the odds from over a docent allied bookmakers that are counted among the top in the online sports betting sector. How do they know that they are the best? Simply because they are the ones that successfully approved the rigorous examination process designed by VIP-IBC, which have the objective of making sure that their odds and limits have real value.

Benefits explained

Any bettor knows that opportunities for getting huge payouts are like shooting stars: they come and go very quickly and if you miss the right timing, you wish won’t come true. That’s why having the right betting tools is essential and, in that sense, VIP-IBC allows punters to see prices and markets listed side by side for each event, facilitating the decision-making process and avoiding the need for having to log in on multiple sites and moving from one another comparing their odds, risking missing opportunities due to the time lag.

Furthermore, players will be able to place their bets on all the prices simultaneously, which de facto expands the betting limits; certainly, a huge advantage for those high volume bettors that are always bothered by the limitations most bookmakers have to impose in order to properly run their businesses. This is also the stepping stone to implementing a successful betting strategy.

Simplicity and functionality

Most websites nowadays focus on modern and overly attractive designs that sometimes distract punters, are too complicated to navigate, or even tiring on the eyes. VIP-IBCs instead offers a clean, gorgeously simple template that’s easy to understand and allows players to go straight to the point. Additionally, they facilitate everything even further by providing all content in different languages.

Moreover, they have two professional teams in charge of crucial areas of their proposal: one is for customer support, which they prefer to call customer assistance since they do not wait for a problem to arise but instead are available 24/7 for punters to consult anything related to the betting process through live chat, e-mail or Skype. The second is related to tips and information destined to teach the best betting habits, tactics, and strategies for novice bettors to learn the trade in a safe environment. Experts and inside people also provide their picks free of charge, which allows any user to form a better idea of the possibilities they have for their disposition.

To sum it up

To enjoy all those benefits, the process is a rather simple one. Punters just need to:

  1. Register for an account at the best betting platform
  2. Fund it using Bank transfers, Skriller, Neteller or cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USTD)
  3. Check the tips and betting advice
  4. Log in into your account
  5. Look for the leagues and matches you are interested in 
  6. Check the odds ordered side by side, compared them and select to your liking
  7. Point and click
  8. Relax and enjoy the game(s)
  9. Collect your payouts
  10. Repeat the process

Only those ten steps separate you from possible huge profits. No need for multiple accounts or a hustle of looking for reliable bookmakers. That’s why VIP-IBC is rightfully called the best betting platform. Don’t miss the opportunity to check them out and begin a more wholesome betting experience.


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