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What Are the Best Strategies for Casino Games?


In 2022, iGaming is not just a growing industry, it’s a global phenomenon. Valued at $61.5 billion in 2021, it’s expected to almost double in worth to $114.4 by 2028.

Online casino is at the forefront of this incredible growth and is now available in almost every corner of the world. Through reputable sites such as Casino 777, players in Europe, Asia, and even Arabia can play the best online games.

It’s estimated that around 1.6 billion people play some form of iGaming on a regular basis. A further 4.2 billion partake in online casino or sports betting at least once every year.

Favourite online casino games around the world include slots, roulette, blackjack, bingo, and several forms of poker. Also popular are games such as baccarat, craps, and keno, but the choice is endless and growing.

At their heart, all casino games are based on chance, with the odds always slightly in favour of the house. As any player will tell you, however, there are strategies to improve your odds in any game.

The best strategies are built from an understanding of probabilities and the mathematics that dictate the outcome of every game. Others, perhaps the more exciting theories, have developed anecdotally over centuries of gameplay.

So, what are the best strategies for casino games, both in-person and online?

  • General tips

One of the most well-known strategies is to restrict your playing to tournaments when you can. A flat upfront free and large prizes for the top players can make far more attractive returns than regular games.

Of course, this only applies for experienced players who have a realistic chance of finishing in the top places. It doesn’t matter how big the prize is if you don’t win, so standard games are better for inexperienced players.

  • Blackjack

Aside from the controversial technique of counting cards, there are a number of strategies to improve your odds at blackjack. The first of these is to decide what form of blackjack is best to play.

Win ratios are lowest in one deck blackjack, so always choose 8 or 10 deck games where they are available. In the Spanish 21 variation, all four 10 cards are removed, dramatically reducing your chance of busting.

Another technique is to try and play one-on-one with the dealer wherever the casino will allow. Odds are far more even when it’s just you and the dealer than when you have a full table.

  • Roulette

One of the great attractions of roulette is that there is a range of odds to suit every player. You can aim big on a single number, or go for the (almost) even odds of red or black.

Probability rules will tell you that the safest strategy is to look at those short odd bets on the outside. In fact, if you bet on red or black and odd or even, almost 75% of the wheel pays out.

  • Slots

Traditional slot machines used to offer only one single pay line, modern online slots have evolved to offer dozens. A secondary feature has also been developed in many games which allows players to reduce the active pay lines.

It might seem tempting to focus your game on just a few lines, but this would be a poor strategy. Online slots are programmed to offer the best pay ratio when playing maximum lines, so always choose that option.

There is also a theory in slot games based on the principle of waiting 17 seconds between hitting spin. Slot outcomes are determined by random number generators and some people believe 17 seconds is optimum for avoiding repeated patterns.

  • Keno

Traditionally, keno is one of the least recommended games for players hoping for a return on their investment. The statistics back that up too, even the best keno odds are significantly lower than for most games.

What keno does offer is a hidden advantage of reduced risk over longer playing time. Keno is slower, with only a few draws per hour, meaning you can stay involved longer without quickly mounting losses.

  • Craps

Many players are confused by craps, and with good reason, it’s incredibly complicated compared to other games. There are two main ways to bet, Pass and Don’t Pass, and traditional wisdom says Pass is best.

This is because the odds of winning the Come Out roll are significantly higher when you play Pass. However, in the pay section Don’t Pass is far superior, so smart players take the early risk for long-term reward.

  • Bingo

While bingo might seem like the ultimate in chance games, it can be influenced using key principles of probability. Bingo pays one card every time, so the quickest way to improve your odds is to increase your share.

The person with the highest percentage of all the cards also has the highest percentage chance of winning. By playing with fewer people, or buying more cards, you can improve your win chances significantly.

  • Know when to quit

As the famous song goes: “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, [and] know when to fold ’em.” Perhaps the greatest strategy is to “know when to walk away”; on a long enough timeline, the house always wins.

Speak to any experienced player about any casino game and they will have their own advice for the best strategies. Listed here are just a few of the most prominent, or most interesting, based on probabilities and anecdotal theories.

So, next time you log in to enjoy online casino, think about what your best strategy might be.

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