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What are the Reasons Behind the Popularity of Satta Matka


When Did Satta Matka Begin?

The history of satta matka dates back to the days when the Bombay Stock Exchange opened. Thee winning numbers were based on the opening and closing rates of the Cotton that was communicated from New York Cotton Exchange.

You just needed to guess a random number and if your guessed number happens to the winning number, you end up winning big. Later on, when the New York exchange closed down, the winning numbers were drawn from a Matka in which the numbers were placed and drawn at random.

The game of satta matka was popular in Maharashtra initially and has now moved on to the other regions of the country.

How to Play Satta Matka?

Playing satta matka involves guessing the winning numbers. You can choose to play your game on a single digit or a double digit. You will win 90 times of what you have played for. If you fail to guess the winning number, you lose the amount.

The game of satta matka also has a random number that is opened in addition to the main numbers. That will help you win an additional amount. Winning your game will involve a lot of luck on your part. It may not be that easy to guess the random numbers and that is perhaps why it may not be easy to win big if you are not careful enough.

The Satta Matka in Modern Times – How popular it has been?

Satta matka in modern times is completely illegal and yet, it has remained quite popular. The game is based on the random selection of numbers and is not authorized by the government. This is in sharp contrast to the lottery being run the respective state governments.

There are two popular versions of satta matka being played in India – Kalyan matka and Mumbai main bazaar. In addition, there have been several other matka franchises that have come up in recent times. But the beauty and popularity of the Kalyan matka and Mumbai main bazaar has not been taken over by any other services.

There have been multiple apps that have come up helping you predict and win the game. We would definitely recommend as the best choice in this context. You can get accurate and fastest results on this site and also have a few tips on the possible winning numbers for the day.

How many Different Types of Matka can you Play?

You can enjoy and try winning in several different matka variations and games. Apart from Kalyan and Worli matka, you also have an option to play you games in Galli satta, Star Day / Star night and Milan day/ Milan night if you want to improve your winning chances.

What else would you want to do? The game of satta matka should definitely be something that you would want to explore and should be your one stop solution in this venture.

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