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What Do Our Favorite Actors Like To Do In Their Free Time?


It may be difficult for celebrities to go about their daily lives without being followed or recognised by the press. Even if having a regular life may be tough for them to achieve, this does not prevent them from having fun whenever they have some free time to themselves. The following is a list of some of the activities that famous people do in their spare time, ranging from gambling to collecting daggers.

  Hitting the Casino

Even if celebrities are among the least likely individuals to be in financial need, it doesn’t stop them from going to land-based casinos or online casinos and hoping to win big.   A significant motivator for anybody who enjoys gambling is the fun of the games itself, as well as the strategy, since this is what keeps our favourite actors coming back to the table. Charlie Sheen, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon are just a few of the famous names in the entertainment industry that are recognised for their passion for gambling.

When celebrities are seen visiting casinos, they run the risk of being falsely accused of fabricated gambling stories or even of being addicted to the activity. This is an unfortunate reality in today’s era of fake news. Because of this, a significant number of celebs choose to gamble using online casinos.

  Video Gaming

Video gaming is another activity that may be enjoyed safely indoors, away from inquisitive eyes. Who can really blame them? Mila Kunis is one star who wholeheartedly endorses the concept that the quality of today’s video games is unparalleled. The famous actress, who was born in Ukraine, is known to take pleasure in playing World of Warcraft. She once even took a break from the game in order to prevent herself from being addicted to it!

  Collecting Things

Celebrities have the same interests as the rest of us when it comes to collecting stuff. Sometimes their collections consist of the typical stuff, such as handbags by designer brands, for example. However, for one very well-known actress, this collection is a little bit more specialised.

It’s no secret that Angelina Jolie has a collection of daggers at her home. Should we be shocked after seeing how savage she can be on screen?

  Extreme Sports

The majority of actors do, in fact, have access to the very finest personal trainers, who are responsible for keeping them in shape for forthcoming roles in movies or shows. Nevertheless, this does not prevent them from wanting to seek further adrenaline rushes during their free time. The admiration that Gina Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz have for their respective sports are two examples. Rodriguez and Diaz are both snowboarders. It is only a happy coincidence that both of these activities demand the use of head protection such as a  helmet, which allows them to avoid detection while they are in the gym or on the slopes.

  Side Hustles

As if being a successful movie star wasn’t enough on its own, several renowned actors have also established successful businesses in their spare time. Both Jessica Alba and Kristen Bell are very successful with the children-oriented businesses that they have launched in recent years. The salad dressing company that Paul Newman founded grew into an empire throughout the course of his career. Robert De Niro is known for creating successful restaurants, while George Clooney sold the tequila firm he founded for one billion dollars. Jennifer Aniston has a firm that specialises in personal care, while Kate Hudson’s business manufactures sports gear.


It may appear strange to consider charity as a recreational activity. Without a question, it is a noteworthy effort that deserves our highest regard. It offers pleasure and delight to both those who conduct humanitarian activity and those who receive assistance and support.

Many wealthy people donate their fortunes to charitable organizations. Some celebrities have made assisting others a manner of life by going above and beyond, devoting both time and money in their favorite causes.

Angelina Jolie, for example, is deeply committed to philanthropy, having spent many years as a humanitarian ambassador and participating in hundreds of field trips.

  Superstars And What They Like Doing Best

Below we will be mentioning a number of stars and what they like to do in their free time.

We are positive that some of these stars are your favourite!

  Nicholas Cage

While he has been accused of being the most over-the-top actor in Hollywood, Cage is undeniably gifted. He’s not only had a long and successful career with lots of fame and riches, but he’s also won a number of honors for his performances throughout the years. Most of Cage’s interests revolve on his ‘obsession’ with the popular figure Superman. Not only does the actor have an impressive collection of souvenirs and comic books that any adolescent boy or super-geek would be proud of, but he also named his kid ‘Kal-El,’ which is Superman’s true name. Talk about commitment!

  Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz and her husband, Benji Madden, have a daughter. In her leisure time, she enjoys snowboarding. The major reason for this is because she enjoys adrenaline and speed. She enjoys being outside when she has time off from work. She has previously claimed that skiing is a true getaway for her. Nothing makes her happier than being capable of riding from the top to the bottom without ever hitting the ground, assuming she can obtain enough air.

  Stephanie Beatriz

This Brooklyn 99 actress enjoys dancing! She is a member of the LA City Dance Squad, and she constantly strives to do everything she can to help her colleagues. She has a strong interest in the dance profession and enjoys staying healthy. This has enabled her to push boundaries and experiment with new styles while also inspiring others to do the same.

  Gina Rodriguez

Gina is the star of the TV program Jane the Virgin, if you’ve ever watched it. She is a great boxing enthusiast, which makes sense given that her father is a boxing official and referee. In her leisure time, she enjoys going to casinos, particularly those that provide slots online.

  Susann Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is a huge fan of ping pong. In reality, she is very competitive. She even built a pub and a social club centered entirely on the sport. She tries everything she can to encourage others to participate in games.

  Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is an actress who is also an activist. She previously wore a vial of her now-ex-blood husband’s around her neck. She has a fascination for collecting daggers, which makes sense given some of the action films she has been in over the years.


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