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Why are online casino games good: Play live blackjack with real dealers vs play blackjack online


Some online casinos offer no deposit bonuses so you can play free games. 

Here are some of the advantages of playing live blackjack with live dealer:

  1. Dealers are real. You can see how they have a table with 7 seats for the live game. At all times you will live how the game develops.
  2. Guaranteed seat. You won’t have to wait like in land-based casinos to have a seat. By playing live blackjack in India, you can enjoy live blackjack. You’re guaranteed a seat!
  3. You can use it to play your blackjack bonuses and casino bonuses. Being live and with real dealers, anytime you want, you can switch and play at a real money online casino.
  4. Interact with dealers. If you have any questions, you can ask them directly. They’re real dealers! They will clarify the rules, accept your bets or resolve any questions. Real dealers create the gaming environment every player is looking for.
  5. Being live, you can see each of his gestures. Use your full potential to calculate whether the dealer has a good move or is bluffing.

These five points prove why are online casino games good and they are no worse than traditional offline casinos.

This section depends a lot on you as a player, since the pros and cons tend to be individual. That is why we will name some of those that, in our experience, tend to be cataloged on one side or the other. Some pros regarding online blackjack can be:

  • More realistic interaction between you as a player and the game. In it you can believe that you play it in reality, like in a physical online casino in india.
  • Opportunity to play and communicate with players from all over the world.
  • The cons might be that you need greater internet capacity for the live streaming it involves.
  • Card counting may take a little longer compared to machine blackjack. This is because a real dealer does this task and it depends on the number of players.
  • You will not be able to play live blackjack for free, as you can only play live blackjack with real money.

Online blackjack

Some pros regarding live blackjack India with real dealer, can be:

  • Greater stability of the game, since it does not require a live broadcast.
  • You can do other things while you play casino games, without having to watch the screen all the time.
  • The con in this case, is that you do not possess the rub with a person of flesh and blood. In this mode you will not have that interaction that gives you greater confidence.
  • You will not be able to place special bets at several online blackjack casinos. These include perfect pairs and 21+3. With these you could win more prizes.
  • Since you don’t play at a real or live casino, you may not feel the adrenaline rush of these sites.

The best live blackjack games in India

Follow us and start your adventure knowing this top of the 5 best games we have prepared for you. Vivo Gaming is one of the most popular among Indian-speaking countries, Turkey and Russia. It offers a very competitive game mode and high video quality. Its main feature is in the good interaction it offers in live chat. Elements that have made it one of the most used games to play live blackjack. The RTP of this game is 99.53%, with a minimum of 25 euros and a maximum of 250 euros to bet. The title has attractive graphics and offers excellent streaming quality for users. Due to its high return percentage, users can profit very quickly when they win their prizes.

This game is from the provider Visionary iGaming, popular in the United States. So, its users come from that country to play live blackjack. It stands out for having a great variety of table games that allow greater opportunity to users who want to enter. Their RTP is 99.53%, with a minimum bet of €1 and a maximum bet of €100. The streaming quality of the game allows the user to feel at a real casino while interacting with the dealer.

Users can enter the game with their mobile device or computer from the comfort of their home. In turn, they can live a very realistic experience, as if they were in a real casino by their graphics. 

Ezugi live blackjack India

Ezugi is the only provider with a live room completely in Indian. Their advantage is the language and the great attention from their dealers, as you can choose them to your liking and convenience. In this game you can make a minimum bet of € 2 and a maximum bet of€500. It features 100% RTP and excellent and realistic streaming quality along with the dealer. Ezugi is one of the titles with the highest RTP of all and with a good betting range. The user will feel in a real casino, living the adrenaline rush while betting and winning in the game.


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