WPI India: WPI Breaks Record, Rises from 7.39% to 10.49% in April


WPI India: The government has suffered a major setback on the wholesale inflation (WPI) front. The wholesale inflation has seen a record-breaking pace in the month of April in the country. The wholesale inflation rate has increased to 10.49 percent in April 2021. It is an all-time high. Whereas in March it stood at 7.29 percent, which was the highest in 8 years. Let us know that there is a continuous rise in wholesale inflation. Wholesale inflation stood at 4.17 percent in February. At present, inflation has broken all records in April.

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The effect of the low base also

The Commerce Ministry stated that WPI Data of India inflation based on wholesale prices stood at 10.49 percent in April 2021. This annual inflation rate is higher in April 2021 because the prices of crude oil, mineral oil like petrol and diesel, etc. have increased. Similarly, the prices of manufactured products have also increased. Compared to March, prices of primary commodities like metals, crude oil and gas, food items, and non-food items have increased 3.83 percent. Inflation has also increased due to the low base.

Manufactured products become expensive

Wholesale inflation for manufactured products has gone up from 7.34 percent in March to 9.01 percent in April. At the same time, the wholesale inflation of primary articles in April has increased from 6.40 percent in March to 10.16 percent.

Fuel and power gain momentum

In April, fuel and power inflation has increased from 10.25 percent in March to 20.94 percent. During this period, the prices of electricity, crude oil, petrol, diesel, and cooking gas have increased.

Condition of food and drink

On a monthly basis, food wholesale inflation in April has increased from 5.28 percent in March to 7.58 percent. However, the inflation in pulses has seen a decline in April and it has come down to 10.74 percent from 13.14 percent in March. At the same time, egg, meat, fish inflation has increased from 5.38 percent in March to 10.88 percent.

Onion inflation was at -9.03 percent as against 5.15 percent in March. In April, milk inflation declined to 2.04 percent from 2.65 percent in March. Whereas, the wholesale inflation of vegetables has come down to -9.03 percent as against 5.19 percent in March. The wholesale inflation rate of potatoes has been at -30.44 percent as against -33.40 percent in March.

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