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All the students of the universities except the final year students will be promoted without examination this Year


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UGC Guidelines for Examination 2021: The second wave of Corona has had a deep impact on many examinations, including the CBSE board exam. In this sequence, now the University Grants Commission (UGC) has also declared their decision of canceling examinations of the universities. Now universities will be able to decide whether or not to take the exam on the basis of the area’s covid situation. However, In the situation in Corona at this time, most of the universities have decided to promote all the students in the next classes without exams except the final year students. Preparations for this have started in many places.

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The UGC states that universities are autonomous governing, they have the right to take any decision at their level regarding examinations or academic sessions, etc. The effect of coronavirus is less and more in different parts of the country. So, they should have to take decision by looking at their areas situation.

In such a situation, UGC Guidelines for Examination 2021 have been made for university examinations this year. Universities in the country have started preparing to promote the first and second-year students of graduation by providing marks on the basis of internal assessment or the performance of the previous year.

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Work is also being done to conduct final year exams in July-August. However, any decision regarding final year examinations will be taken after reviewing the condition of coronavirus infection in the Country in the first week of June.

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