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Bihar: Another incident like ‘Hathras’, Victim’s mother killed after reporting molestation


Patna: An incident like ‘Hathras’ in Uttar Pradesh has taken place in Patna, Bihar. The shooting death of a father who allegedly molested his daughter is still fresh in Bihar Fatuha The accused also brutally murdered a woman who was protesting against the molesters in the area. The accused are from the village. Three people have been arrested in the case.

According to the information received, Patna A woman who was mediating to free her daughter from a gangster was shot dead inside the city’s Fatuha police station. The incident took place in Jaggu Bigha village in Fatuha area. The murder was committed by the youth of the village.

The woman, who was standing in the doorway of the house, was shot in the head. The injured woman was rushed to a hospital in Fatuha. There the doctors pronounced her dead.

Police rushed to the spot after getting information about the shocking incident. They launched an investigation into the incident. Police have arrested three people on murder charges. Police said further investigations are underway. The deceased woman’s husband said they have three daughters.

Some young girls in the village were being teased. His mother was opposed to these young men. This led to an argument and the youth killed her. Tensions have risen in the village since the incident. A police force has been deployed in the village.

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