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Comfortable! Covaxin, a cochlear implant, is now a game changer, Corona will be extinct


Vaccination for the coronavirus has begun around the world, and the number of people caught in the pandemic has dropped. There are 10 to 12 thousand cases of corona virus in India. Thousands of people are also being vaccinated daily. However, in some countries, the spread of the virus has not stopped. People are hoping that this pandemic can be defeated as soon as possible. Meanwhile, a positive piece of information is emerging in Corona’s case. Coronary nasal spray vaccine is being developed. Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech is developing a nasal spray vaccine. The nasal spray will now be developed after the Covaxin vaccine against the corona virus is developed.

Tests on humans are underway in Bharat Biotech’s laboratories and debates over nasal sprays are ongoing. There are differences of opinion as to whether the vaccine is safe for humans. To investigate this, the Expert Committee of the Drug Regulator of India has approved Bharat Biotech and Phase 1 clinical trials. According to information provided by several health experts, including the Policy Commission, trials have been approved to eradicate the epidemic and nasal spray can be effective as a game changer to eradicate the epidemic. Apart from this, there are many benefits of this nasal spa.

Know what a nasal spray is

corona vaccine is given to you by hand through an injection. Just like you inject other vaccines. In common parlance this is called an intramuscular vaccine. The nasal spray vaccine enters the body through the nose, not by hand. The vaccine enters the body through the nose and enters the respiratory tract. This is how the vaccine is designed. The vaccine that is given with a few drops in the nose is called intranasal vaccine.
Nasal spray is a great option for those who are avoiding injections or who have problems with pain and swelling after taking such doses. You do not have to suffer from nasal spray because the dose is given through the nose. Its doses enter the respiratory tract directly through the nose. It can be extremely effective. Health experts are calling the spray a game changer to prevent coronary heart disease.


The nasal spray vaccine not only protects against the corona virus but is also effective in preventing other diseases. The rate at which the coronavirus is spreading in the West. Seeing that, nasal spray vaccine can be a game changer in preventing corona virus. This is a nasal dose vaccine, so it’s easy to track. Its side effects are also lower compared to intramuscular vaccines. This will stop the use of needles and syringes and reduce waste. Its doses quickly provide immunity to the body and prevent infection.

What do experts say?

In the last few days, the director of AIIMS in Delhi, Dr. about nasal spray corona vaccine. Randeep Guleria said nasal spray vaccine could be a great option to give to school children. According to Guleria, corona symptoms are mild in young children. But it can spread serious infections. In such cases nasal spray vaccine may be beneficial in preventing corona virus.

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