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DCGI approves emergency use of Corona drug Virafin

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The second wave of Corona has engulfed the whole country. Increasingly people are getting corona infected and the figure of deaths is also increasing continuously. Meanwhile, now Virafin injection of Zydus Cadila, which is used in the treatment of corona, has been approved by the Drug Regulator of India. It will be used for adults who are coronated and have mild symptoms. The company claims that Virafin helps corona patients recover quickly and they do not have much problem with covud.

Single-dose for adult corona patients

However, you can take Virafin only for hospital use, that is, until the medical specialist does not give a prescription, it cannot be injected. The company claims that the single dose of this injection helps the patient recover from the corona.

According to the company, the most important thing is that during the trial of this drug, it was also found that, after giving it to Covid patients, they have less need of oxygen. It has been reported that this drug has been tried in about 25 centers in India. However, the company says that this drug is also used for other types of viral infections.

Let me tell you that before this, the injection remodeling given to the serious patients of Covid was approved. Whose demand is increasing in the second wave? The central government has now approved to double its production. As the demand for this drug increases, black marketing is also happening.

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