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Government’s new guidelines for Coronavirus patients, know what is special…

Coronavirus: The central government has now issued new guidelines for coronavirus-infected patients. The new guidelines have information about everything from home isolation to medicines.

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The Union Health Ministry has issued revised rules for corona patients living in home isolation and with mild infection or asymptomatic. According to the new guidelines, those infected who are in home isolation for 10 days and have not had a fever for 3 consecutive days, will be able to come out of home isolation. They won’t even need to get tested. It has also been saying about Remdesivir that this injection can be given only in the hospital. It is strictly forbidden to keep it in the house.

According to the new guidelines, many drugs including hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, doxycycline have been banned for the treatment of corona patients. Along with this, patients who do not show signs of infection or have mild symptoms, do not need to take any kind of medicine. The medicines which are going on for other diseases should be continued.

A good diet has been advised in the new guidelines. It has been said to follow the necessary corona rules like a mask, social distancing.

Apart from this, corona patients and their families have also been suggested to stay connected with each other through phone or video calls and talk positively.

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