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Medical Oxygen crisis in Delhi: Last-minute oxygen delivered, ‘those’ 60 patients saved – coronavirus in Delhi

Story Highlights
  • 25 patients die in 24 hours at Sir Gangaram Hospital
  • Immediate supply of oxygen from the administration after receiving the message
  • Oxygen stockpiles were also admitted to Max Hospital

Delhi, the country’s capital, is currently facing a severe shortage of Medical Oxygen. Meanwhile, Sir Gangaram Hospital was left with oxygen for only two hours and an urgent message was sent to the administration by the hospital that 25 patients had lost their lives in the last 24 hours. After that, the administration moved fast and supplied Medical Oxygen to the hospital. The lives of the families of 60 patients who were in critical condition due to timely delivery of oxygen fell into the pot.

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From several hospitals in Delhi to the government as soon as possible Medical Oxygen supply Is demanded. Meanwhile, 25 patients died at Sir Gangaram Hospital in the last 24 hours due to lack of oxygen. The lives of 60 critically ill patients are in danger. The hospital has only enough oxygen for two hours. The rest of the oxygen will also be depleted in the next two hours. Ventilator and bile level positive airway pressure does not work properly. Manual ventilation is on in ICU and ED of the hospital, ‘said Sir Gangaram Hospital. After that, around 10.00 am, oxygen supply was made available to Gangaram Hospital.

‘Oxygen shortage at Max Hospital’

Meanwhile, Max Hospital in Delhi tweeted on Friday morning that there was a shortage of oxygen. Max Smart Hospital, Max Saket Hospital were told that there was only oxygen left for a few hours. After that, between 10.00 am, Max was given an emergency supply of oxygen for three hours. After that, another vehicle will be rushed to the hospital with oxygen, said the Deputy Commissioner of Police, South Delhi. Max’s two hospitals have about 700 patients, including 550 covid patients.

Meanwhile, in the last 24 hours, 26,169 patients were found in Delhi and 306 patients died. At present, 91 thousand 618 patients are undergoing treatment in Delhi. So far, 13,193 deaths have been reported in Delhi.

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