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PM Modi interrupts Kejriwal, objecting to live telecast of the meeting


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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also attended the Chief Ministers’ meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday regarding the status of COVID-19. However, even before Kejriwal could complete his talk, PM Modi objected to the conversation being shared live.

During the virtual meeting, Kejriwal said, “I believe that if there is a national plan against COVID, then the Center and all the state governments will work together in that direction.” Due to Corona, the departed souls… ”Meanwhile Kejriwal had to stop when PM Modi started speaking.

The PM Modi said, “This is going against our tradition, our protocol, … that a Chief Minister is showing the live telecast of the in-house meeting.” This is not right. We should always be restrained. “

To this, Kejriwal said, “Alright Sir, we will take care of this in future.”

The statement of the Delhi Chief Minister’s office also came out

The statement of Delhi Chief Minister’s office has also come to light on this matter. In which it is said, “Today, CM’s address was shared live because no instructions, written or oral came from the Central Government that the conversation could not be shared live.”

Apart from this, the statement said, “There have been many occasions for such conversations, when matters of public importance, which did not contain any confidential information, were shared live.” However, if there is any inconvenience, we are very sorry for this. “

Let me tell you that in the meeting with PM Modi, Kejriwal had asked for help from the Center and said, “Right now there is a huge oxygen crisis in Delhi. I thank the Prime Minister for increasing the oxygen quota of the Central Government of Delhi, help us in bringing this increased quota to Delhi. ”

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