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The expectation of breath reached Delhi, 70 metric tons of oxygen from Chhattisgarh

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There has been news of relief for Delhi’s hospitals. Oxygen Express has reached Delhi from Chhattisgarh. With an oxygen tanker, this train reached Delhi Cantt on the morning of 27 April. Now, this 70 tons of oxygen is being sent to different hospitals in the capital. Amidst the rising figures of Kovid, Delhi hospitals are battling for oxygen every day.

The Oxygen Express from Raigad in Chhattisgarh ran on 26 April. Four tankers were loaded with oxygen at Jindal Steel and Power Limited.

Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal also gave information about Oxygen Express reaching Delhi on Twitter. He wrote, “The Oxygen Express for patients in the capital has reached Delhi from Raigad. Indian Railways is leaving no stone unturned in the fight against Kovid-19.”

Indian Railways has said that by the morning of April 27, it has delivered 450 tonnes of oxygen to the country.

The bad condition of Delhi’s hospitals

Since the rise of Kovid infection in the country, the crisis of lack of oxygen in the hospitals of has deepened. Every day many hospitals are pleading for oxygen. Sir Gangaram Hospital of the capital has sent SOS for oxygen several times in the last few days.

On 26 April, Gangaram Hospital once again became helpless. The hospital said that it is in a state of crisis, and the situation has become like begging and borrowing. Recently 25 patients died in Gangaram Hospital. However, later it was said that these deaths did not happen due to lack of oxygen.

Between the lack of oxygen in Delhi, the central government and the Delhi government are faces to face. The Delhi government is accused that it could not help in setting up 8 oxygen production plants in the capital. Calling this allegation as false, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that “the central government is making false statements to hide its failure to set up an oxygen plant in Delhi”.

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