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Twitter in India: Twitter request for discussion with Information and Technology Minister

Twitter spoke to the Information and Technology Minister on Tuesday after the government ordered the closure of 1,178 accounts for spreading false information about the farmers' agitation. Formal discussion Showed willingness to. At the same time, the safety of its employees is a top priority, the microblogging platform said.


‘We are in respectful liaison with the Government of India and the Hon’ble Minister for Electronics and Ministry of Information Technology We have contacted them, “said a Twitter spokesperson. The compliance notice was also formally acknowledged, the spokesperson said.

The Center had on February 4 ordered the closure of 1,178 accounts of Pakistan and Khalistan supporters who were spreading false information about the farmers’ movement. Earlier, rumors were circulating that a plot was being hatched to assassinate farmers Twitter handle And Hashtag Removal was ordered.

The government had said that such misleading and provocative information could create misunderstandings and adversely affect public order. Failure to comply with the order resulted in a fine or up to seven years in prison under the relevant law

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