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Vaccine shortage: India has only 5.5 days vaccine stock, exports continue

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  • Vaccine shortage complaints from several states
  • No ban on covid vaccine export: Ministry of External Affairs
  • What is the situation in your state? Find out ...

While many states are reporting a shortage of the Covid 19 vaccine, now there is more worrying information from the Center. According to the Ministry of Health, the pace at which vaccination is being carried out in the country means that there is enough stock of vaccine available in the country for only 5.5 days. There is also a stockpile of vaccines in the pipeline for an additional supply of one more week. Against the backdrop of the rapidly expanding corona, this could be a wake-up call.

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Central on Thursday after some states complained of a shortage of vaccines Health Minister Harshvardhan Released information about the distribution of the Covid 19 vaccine. This includes which states were given how many doses of vaccine and how much was used by the states. It was informed how many vaccines are available in the stocks of the states.

Accordingly, in Andhra Pradesh and Bihar, the vaccine is available for less than two days. In Maharashtra, the vaccine is available for less than 4 days. The states of Haryana, Kerala, and Telangana have more than 10 days of vaccination while the states of Telangana and Goa have more than 20 days of stock of vaccines. The state of Tamil Nadu has enough vaccines to last for about 45 days.

Vaccine exports continue

There is no ban on the export of covid vaccine and the supply of the vaccine to foreign countries will continue in view of the country’s requirements, the foreign ministry said on Thursday. According to information released by the Ministry of External Affairs last week, India has provided 6.44 crore doses to neighboring and allied countries to fight Kovid-19.

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