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White Fungus Disease: After the black fungus in the country, now the white fungus has also been confirmed, this is how it attacks the body


Coronavirus: Complaints of black fungus came amidst the second wave of coronavirus in the country, but now white fungus is also being seen in corona patients in the meantime. Yes, in addition to black fungus in corona patients, the white fungus is also seen now.

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In fact, the white fungus has been confirmed to be found in 4 patients of Corona admitted to Patna Medical College Hospital (PMCH). Dr. SN Singh, Chairman of the Microbiology Department of PMCH, has confirmed white fungus in corona patients. This fungus is damaging the skin of patients. Late detection of white fungus also threatens life. Dr. SN Singh has appealed to Covid and Post Covid patients to take the white fungus problem seriously.

The white fungus infects these parts of the body

This disease is also said to be more dangerous than black fungus. Lungs are infected with white fungus just like the corona. Apart from this, the infection can also spread in the nails, skin, stomach, kidneys, brain, private parts, and inside the mouth.

Doctors say that if HRCT shows signs of the corona, then it is necessary to check the mucus culture to detect white fungus. He told that the region of White Fungus is also to be reduced immunity like that of Black Fungus. The risk is higher in those who are diabetic patients or are taking steroid medicines for a long time.

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