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27 Perfect Hairstyle Ideas That Suit Your Face Shape


Choosing the perfect hairstyle can be challenging, especially since you don’t know if it will fit until you get it. But knowing your face shape can help whittle down your list of hairstyle choices to pick.

There are different ways for you to know your face shape. For example, you can take a selfie in front of a mirror and trace your face to see which shape it resembles. Or, you can outline your face directly with an eye pencil. Another way to go about it is to measure the distances between your facial features, such as your eyebrows, cheekbones, jawline, and face length from the forehead to the jaw.

27 Perfect Hairstyle Ideas That Suit Your Face Shape

Different people have different face shapes, which can be rectangular, oval, square, heart, or round. This article will help you determine your face shape and the hairstyles that are perfect for you. 

Rectangular Face Shape

People who have a rectangular face shape have a sharp jawline with a slightly curved chin and about the same forehead width as their cheeks. Typically, people with this face shape go for haircuts that soften the sharp angles of the jaw and high forehead while keeping it from elongating.

Best Hairstyles

If you have a rectangular face shape, you may want your hair to have volume from the top up to the ear while creating fullness on the sides. Haircuts enhancing the cheekbones and covering the corners of the face are perfect for this shape. These helps balance the elongated shape by framing the face and softening sharp angles.

  1. Soft, face-framing layers for long hairstyles
  2. Blowouts, soft waves, or curls that add horizontal volume, making flat and thin hair look thicker on the sides
  3. Chin-length bobs
  4. Soft romantic chignons instead of high buns that make your face look long
  5. Soft and curtain bangs, rounded fringes

Oval Face Shape

Those with an oval face shape can sport almost any hairstyle thanks to their even proportions and well-balanced appearance. Its most common features are prominent cheekbones, a slightly narrower jawline than their gently rounded hairline, and no sharp angles.

Best Hairstyles

Choose hairstyles that focus on complimenting the texture than framing the face. However, you may want to avoid hairstyles that elongate your face or make your hair fall flat. On top of that, choose to show off your balanced features and high cheekbones. 

  1. Blunt bobs, lob cut, or cute short crop with subtle layers
  2. Long waves or curls
  3. Side-swept bangs 
  4. Slicked-back looks and updos

Square Face Shape

The square face shape has proportional width and length in that the distance between the temple’s edge and the start of the jaw is the same as the one for the right and left jaw. It tends to have wide cheekbones and a broad jawline and forehead. The most prominent feature is the strong jawline with minimal curves. 

Best Hairstyle 

You may want to soften the sharp angles of your jawline. Choose hairstyles that compliment your bone structure and offset the squareness of your face shape. Go for styles that make your cheekbones pop, draw attention away from your jawline, and add more length.

  1. Side-parted hairstyles 
  2. Long, airy layers that cover sharp angles
  3. Layered bobs
  4. Side-swept bangs
  5. Soft, wispy bangs

Heart Face Shape

A heart face shape has a broad forehead and cheekbones that tapers down to a narrow jawline and slightly pointed chin. The most prominent feature for women with this face shape is their high cheekbones and wide hairline, which may or may not have a widow’s peak.

Best Hairstyles

For this face shape, you may want to style your hair to decrease the width of your eyebrows while adding width to the bottom part of your face. Go for hairstyles that give your jawline fullness and width to draw attention away from your forehead. 

  1. Long side-swept cut with waves or curls that start below the ear
  2. Long layers
  3. Side-parted pixie cuts with textured ends
  4. Bob or lob cut
  5. Side-swept bangs
  6. Fringes that touch the brows

Round Face Shape 

If you have a round face shape, your face will have a similar length and width, with the sides of your face slightly curving outward. You may also notice rounded features on the chin and cheeks, with your cheekbones as the widest part of your face and no prominent angles or corners.

Best Hairstyles

Since your face may not have defined angles, choosing hairstyles that add definition and shape is best. You may have also been described as “baby-faced,” which may be to your advantage when selecting a youthful hairstyle. Elongate the face by adding height and an angular front.

  1. Haircuts below the chin 
  2. Short pixie cut adding volume at the top
  3. Lob cuts 
  4. Deep-side part hairstyles
  5. Long, staggered face-framing layers starting from the jaw
  6. Short side fringe ending at the eye
  7. Long bangs

Own Your Hair

Knowing your face shape can give you an idea of what hairstyle best fits you. Even so, every person is attractive in their own unique way, which means you can go with whatever style you want. If you prefer pixie cuts, long layers, or have a hair color to try, go for it—no matter what your face shape is, you do you. 

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