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5 Best-Proven Ways to Convert Image to Text?


It is a huge waste of time to re-write from the pictures of scanned documents and printed books. Nowadays there are many online tools available to convert an image to text that will take only few seconds and you don’t need to re-type any required information from a photo.

In this article you will know about five best ways of image to text converter.

Did You Know!

Although there are bunch of images to text conversion tools available online, still choosing one among them seems like a challenging task. That’s why we shortlisted couple of tools that allow you to copy text from image file within matter of seconds, Also, the source of loaded with best free image to text converter through which one can extract text from images without any quality and layout distortion. 


Imagetotext is one of the top available online OCR tool that can be used to extract text from image. You can easily transform the text content of the image into readable text with the help of this application. This OCR tool is able to convert pictures of any quality into comprehend text. It is the perfect image to text converter because no matter what format ( PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF ) of your image is, it can be transformed into text. 

This tool would extract text from multiple languages like English, Spanish, Dutch, Persian and French etc. You can convert text from images by this software without any cost and registration.

It is simple to use just follow the steps given below. 

  • Go to homepage
  • Chose the image for converting text
  • Click the submit button

Wait for a moment. This converter extracts text from the selected image and then you can copy that text in your notepad.  


Prepostseo is the superb image to text converter application and most frequently used online tool by writers. You can conveniently transform text from photos in readable form by using this software. It has an amazing feature of extracting text from low resolution pictures. Another feature of this program is that it can support all formats (PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF)  of images and extract text from them. 

This tool is secure, doesn’t save any of your data and free of cost, you can use it confidently. 

You also don’t need any type of registration to use this application. 

It is easy to use just follow the steps given below. 

  • Go to homepage
  • Select the picture for extracting text
  • Hit the submit button.

Wait for a moment. This converter extracts text from the selected image and then you can copy that text in your word file.  

Google Docs:

Google doc is an awesome tool for writers in today’s world. It provides the capability to scan and transcribe documents, converting text from pictures into editable text. Currently Google Doc supports OCR for PDF files and copy text from image that is less than 2MB in size. Additionally it can automatically detect the language of scanned documents. 

Let’s have a look how google docs work and convert PDF files into editable text. 

  • Scan the document
  • Prepare the PDF file of scan photos
  • Go to My Drive upload the file and image you want to convert in editable text from.
  • Click the start upload button and wait for a moment you will see the text extracted from the image. 

Now save the extracted text in your notepad file.

MS OneNote:

MS OneNote is a great photo to text converter software. OCR performs well in MS OneNote and is very beneficial for writers; they don’t need to write manually from the pictures. OneNote is the best image to text converter. You can extract text from scanned PDF files and pictures of different formats by this tool. 

It only takes a few steps to use MS OneNote as OCR that are mentioned below.

  • Open MS OneNote and import the image file into this software.
  • Click on image and you  will see the option of copy text from  picture.
  • After clicking on the imported picture the text will be copied on clipboard. 

Now you can paste that extracted text from the clipboard in your word file. 


FreeOCR is an easy image-to-text converter that provides all essential features you may possibly require. It supports all image formats and photoshop files. It is a window only programme that offers 99.8% accuracy in text conversion from images. 

Here are some steps mentioned that you need to follow for its usage. 

  • Open FreeOCR and select image or scanned pdf file. 
  • Choose the OCR language you want to use.
  • Press the OCR button and click the option of ant to press the imported image. 
  • The OCR text appeared on  the application now you can copy this extracted text at your notepad file. 


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