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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Wi-Fi Upgrade


There can be no doubt that the internet is a vital component of business growth, no matter what size or type of company you are running, however, it can be all too easy to take it for granted and forget that Wi-Fi networks also move with the times. 

Making sure your business is future-proof and working to its best potential includes ensuring your Wi-Fi connection is working as best as it can to support the company and your employees so if you are seeing any of these signs, it might be time for an upgrade. 

Five reasons why your business needs a Wi-Fi upgrade

1. Error messages

If you start receiving error messages saying website pages can’t be loaded it can be a sign that your Wi-Fi network needs to be updated as it’s no longer coping with your business usage. Failing to load sites effectively can become very annoying and frustrating for employees and could even cause problems with their workflow and productivity. If this starts to happen on a regular basis your business needs a Wi-Fi upgrade. 

2. Slow connections

For this guest post we asked our friend Tim, a writer for Calix, for insights. For him, if you are finding your connections are getting slower and screens or apps are crashing regularly, this could be another reason to upgrade your Wi-Fi system. Tim says that this problem might be particularly prevalent when lots of people are working online at the same time, but if your systems are crashing at peak work times, it’s going to cause problems for your company. 

You need your staff to be able to access their files, records and customer information quickly and easily so they can perform to the best of their ability at work. Slow Wi-Fi systems can make this practically impossible. 

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3. Poor quality video calls

With the increasing popularity of video calls and video conferencing to connect businesses with clients and staff around the world, it’s important that the quality of the calls is as high as possible. A poor Wi-Fi connection can make video calls and online events or presentations very difficult. Setting up video calls which then fail or crash, could have a negative impact on the company’s reputation with customers. 

You want customers and staff to use video conferencing because it makes life easier but if your Wi-Fi is letting you down and your video calls become painful experiences your business will definitely suffer as a result. 

4. Worries about IT security

Keeping your business IT systems secure is a vital aspect for any company and yet if your Wi-Fi network equipment hasn’t been upgraded in some time it might well not be updated or supported any more by the manufacturer. 

Using outmoded equipment means you don’t get any updates or security support from the original company and could be leaving your business at risk of cyber attacks and data breaches without you realising. 

By upgrading your Wi-Fi system, you can be sure that your supplier will be providing you with the latest protection against hacking and attacks and you might be able to secure a rolling contract with regular upgrades and ongoing support in this area so upgrading your Wi-Fi could save your company a whole load of hassle and potentially cost, when it comes to a cyber-attack. 

5. A drop in employee productivity

If the staff can’t access information they need and systems keep dropping out or crashing, they are going to give up pretty quickly and lose focus from their work. You might also notice IT staff spending all their time trying to fix connection issues rather than focussing on developing the company IT systems for the future. 

Both these issues put the business at risk of losing production and potentially causing delays to customers and their orders. Any loss of productivity could end up costing the company dearly, so it is another strong reason to get your Wi-Fi network and systems upgraded as soon as possible. 


If your business internet connection is starting to stall, with employees struggling to connect to systems and video calls cutting out and suffering from delays, it is definitely time for you to look into getting a Wi-Fi upgrade. 

Having a fast-speed and good quality internet connection will help to improve your business, help your company to grow and increase productivity across all departments. With happier staff and impressed customers your business can only get better. 

If all of that wasn’t enough, the security issues which you could be facing by sticking with an old Wi-Fi system should be the main driver for getting an upgrade. Any kind of hack or cyber attack could cause major disruption to your business, customers and employees and end up costing you both in lost business and potential fines, so if this is one of your reasons, you should get that Wi-Fi upgrade now. 

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