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7 Tips in Preparing Your Property for the Market


Perhaps you’re a real estate agent who’s still trying to get the hang of the job. Your goal is to get houses sold for you to reach your desired commission. Or perhaps you’re a homeowner who’s not exactly an expert in selling homes. 

However, you need to tackle the job yourself to cut the middleman and make the most profit out of the transaction. Then you can have enough funding to relocate to an island paradise or upgrade to a bigger home. Whichever scenario applies to you, one thing’s for sure. You must adequately prepare the home you want to sell before putting it on the market.

Failing to make the proper preparations could mean either of two things. You don’t get to sell the property within the timeline you set for yourself, or you do get to sell it but not at your desired price. You lose in both situations.

With that said, before agreeing for potential buyers to inspect a property, get it ready by following these tips.

1. Get to know your local housing market

This step is arguably the most essential item on this list. It can help you attain your goal of getting the exact worth or more of the property you’re selling. You can’t place a house on the market without gauging how residential properties in the same neighborhood are valued.

Online portals exist for this purpose. Using these sites, you can compare sale prices in a particular neighborhood. From the information you gather, deduce the best value for your home. Of course, you need to account for size, location, and features.

2. Tidy up

You don’t have to spend so much here, yet this must-do preparation accomplishes two goals. The first is to declutter the space. No potential buyer will appreciate a house full of clutter, after all. Even if you have lots of precious trinkets in the house, you can’t expect a buyer to feel the same for them as you do. So, KonMari that stuff away until the property can finally breathe once more.

The second goal is to give you a better view of what works and what doesn’t in terms of the house’s foundational structures and features, which will be the buyer’s top concern. A decluttered kitchen, for example, will make it easier for you to spot where leaky tubes or loose tiles are.

3. Landscape

You may skip this part if you’re selling a condo unit without a front yard. But, if you’re selling property in a suburb with a garden and curb-side features, hear this out. It would be best if you decluttered your front yard, too.

Mow the lawn to get even-looking grass. Prune unruly shrubs, weed flower beds, and sweep away dead leaves. Make the facade of your home look as fresh as possible. Remember, it’s the first thing the buyer will see. And as they say, first impressions last.

4. Get lit

A rule of thumb for all real estate agents and home buyers is to make properties on display well-lit. They should have sufficient lighting, so visitors can see every nook and cranny that requires inspection. So if your house has busted bulbs, buy new ones and replace them.

It’s also important to reimagine the house’s lighting design. Does it paint the entire house in a good light? Or does it diminish the property’s appeal? If it’s the latter, consider introducing new lighting fixtures that will be flattering for the home you’re selling.

5. Mind safety

Safety is a top concern for homebuyers. That’s most true for families or couples planning to start a family or raise children. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure that your house is safe.

For example, you can eliminate all defective wiring and electric outlets. You can install CCTV cameras, which will increase the property’s value. Or you can consider safety glass as a new addition to the property’s core structure. Whatever safety updates you do, just ensure they won’t chip off from the profit you deserve.

6. Deep clean

Once your house has been decluttered, that’s where you’ll see that hard-to-spot dirt and grime. Tainted walls and smelly corners will be revealed. These unsightly and unpleasant aspects are what a deep clean will address.

Yes, you want to get rid of any unflattering smell. If you keep pets indoors, chances are your house smells of them regardless of how you religiously clean the property from the inside out. The same goes if you habitually smoke indoors. Other people can and will detect those smells. So, there’s no getting around it. Get rid of them before placing the property on the market.

7. Take great pictures

Consider your prepped-up house as a professional model tasked to sell something. That could be the dream of a peaceful and relaxing residence. That’s what your house needs to embody, and that’s what your preparations must aim for. 

Once done with the actual prep, it’s time to capture your made-up model—photoshoot like a pro. 

Your goal is to make your model look as enticing as possible. You may even enhance the photos using editing software. Just make sure they won’t look utterly misleading. You don’t want frowning faces during property visits. Now, if you don’t have a proper gadget to use, you can consider purchasing refurbished gadgets to save money.

Wrapping Up

Property inspection is part and parcel of all real estate transactions. If a potential buyer looking into moving to a new place does not go through property inspection, they probably trust their agent or the seller with all their heart. 

That trust is not easily given, though. It is earned. And one way to achieve it is by making sure every property you list on the market promises no less than the value of the buyer’s money. Here, consistency in making the significant preparations proves crucial since it is important for the buyer to move in more effectively

Lastly, don’t fall prey to overspending. Your goal is to profit off the property, not incur financial losses. You can still augment a house’s vibe and appearance without spending an arm and a leg. You only need to get creative.


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