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7 Tips To Modernise Your Bathroom


Are you planning to revamp your house? Well, the bathroom is always high up on the priority list! 

It’s always a good idea to transform your old bathroom into more modern and contemporary. It will revitalize its beauty and get you tons of compliments from your guests on fancy dinner nights. But, how do you go about it?

How do you make your washroom a part of the luxury modern bathrooms? Finding ideas for the same can be challenging. 

Well, not if we have got your back!

 Here are seven top-notch tips to help you turn your washroom layout into an Instagram-worthy modern look or a mid-century contemporary style.

  1. Lighting fixtures

If you desire a more contemporary, ‘main character’ vibe, adding a spotlight in your washroom is the way to go. These ceiling lights can throw ample light at a specific point, ensuring that your bathroom is beautifully lit. 

You can add this spotlight fixture in a wall niche to provide focused lighting on particular accessories. 

  1. Illuminated mirror

Luxury modern bathrooms cannot survive without an excellent illuminated mirror, kept in the corner of your washroom or plastered above your sink, perhaps with some house plants. An illuminated mirror can add a glowing touch if your bathroom has neutral shades.

You can choose whatever size fits your bill. You can even tailor it to perfection to suit your bathroom layout. Pick a good bordered mirror to adorn your sink or vanity space. 

This is as quintessential and up-to-the-minute as it gets.

  1. Houseplants

Like we said before, illuminated mirrors will offer a glowing touch to your washroom. But, if it’s left unaccompanied, then it might seem a bit empty. This is precisely why houseplants such as small succulents are an excellent addition to your washroom!

You must have seen many such inspiration ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, and it’s indeed a good idea! Adding greenery to your washroom will not only modernize it but will also purify your space very well.

The fact that they are low-maintenance and look beautiful is a great bonus!

  1. Tiles

Now whether you are more of an ‘all-pristine-white’ fan or find yourself inclined towards some vintage minimalism look – there are tile styles for everyone! 

You must choose the right colour and material. Many prefer marble tiles over stone or ceramic ones because they look very opulent. Additionally, make sure to arrange the tiles diagonally. It creates an optic illusion making your bathroom look larger than it is. 

For the walls, pick grey tiles if you want sheen, sleek and eye-pleasing visuals. 

  1. Colour Scheme

If you are a fan of loud and eye-catchy colours, save them for the other rooms of your house. For your washroom, it’s best to choose muted colour shades because it’s easier to find matching accessories. 

Moreover, a chic monochrome theme in your bathroom will help you achieve a minimalistic and modern vibe. Monochrome colours and modern light fixtures complement each other, as well!

Wrapping up

Styling or remodelling your bathroom is not as hard as it seems. It’s a fun task that costs between $10,000-$30,000. But, if you are clear about the elements you want to introduce in your personal space and know the right places to get them, you are good to go!

Make sure you truly know what you want – from the kind of layout to your taste in furniture, colour scheme and accessories. Make a mood board, if you must. 

Then, carefully pick all the contemporary-looking choices that match the theme in your head. There it is! Executing this well-laid plan wouldn’t take too long. 

Have fun transforming your bathroom.


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