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9 Solutions to stop grey hair naturally


No matter how hard we try to halt it, becoming older is one aspect of time that we just cannot alter. Skin laxity and hair greying are the first things most people notice as they become older. 

In contrast to when you’re in your forties, while you’re in your twenties or thirties, grey hair is a nightmare. Grey hair occurs when the body quits generating melanin, the pigment responsible for hair’s natural dark colour. Greying may be caused by a variety of factors, including a lack of nutrition, genetics, and environmental stress.  

But don’t be concerned! We are fortunate to have access to a wide variety of natural components from Mother Nature. There are a number of home cures that might assist you in regaining your dark hair. There is assistance available directly in the kitchen. It is possible to eliminate those grey hairs using just natural methods.

Instead of turning to harmful chemicals, it is best to try out some natural cures for your hair. We’ve compiled the best 9 at-home treatments for greying hair. These treatments are effective against greys in more ways than one.

1. Curry Leaves & Coconut Oil

The roots of the hair are revitalised to a remarkable degree thanks to the use of curry leaves. Curry leaves contain vitamin B, which helps the hair follicles regain their inherent colour pigment while also preventing premature greying of the hair. Coconut oil is well recognised for its natural ability to act as a cooler for the scalp, and when combined with curry leaves, it forms the ideal combination for restraining excessive Pitta dosha, which is the factor that determines whether or not you have grey hair.

2. Almond Oil & Lemon Mask

Lemon and almond oil are the two most readily available items that you have in your kitchen. Did you know that both of these ingredients might help you naturally get rid of your grey hair? Vitamin E, which is abundant in almond oil, nourishes the hair roots and wards against premature greying of the hair. 

Lemon juice stimulates the development of new hair and imparts shine, colour, and body to existing hair at the same time. This therapy, which consists of lemon juice and almond oil, is more effective in treating grey hair in millennials than other treatments.

3. Amla & Fenugreek Hair Mask

Amla is an excellent component that strengthens hair and maintains its overall health. Its high vitamin C content, together with other antioxidants and minerals, makes it an effective anti-graying agent. Both fenugreek and amla are effective in treating any kind of hair problem while also making the hair stronger.

The seeds of fenugreek contain amino acids that are beneficial to the hair follicles and help prevent premature greying of the hair. Fenugreek seeds are loaded with several amino acids, many of which are beneficial to maintaining a dark hair colour. Therefore, the treatment of grey hair with fenugreek seeds may be beneficial to you.

4. Onion Juice or Extract Mask

Onions are the most efficient treatment for grey hair, making them the greatest therapy to use. Catalase, an enzyme that darkens the hair, is increased as a result of this. In addition, onion juice is believed to stimulate the development of new hair. When combined with lemon juice, it provides the hair with a greater amount of shine. Onion is an excellent choice for the hair since it contains a significant amount of sulphur.

5. Henna and Coffee Mask

A hair mask made of henna and coffee is the most effective natural alternative to dark brown hair colour. Without compromising your hair’s health in any way, this all-natural do-it-yourself formula will give your tresses a deep, dark brown colour and a beautiful sheen.

Hair dyeing with henna is an age-old practice that may be done at home. However, it is of the utmost importance to confirm that the henna you choose was produced using organic ingredients. mainly due to the fact that commercially available henna contains a variety of harmful dyes and compounds.

6. Cow Ghee Hair Mask

If poor diet is the primary culprit, why do people still have their youth-threatening grey hairs? Consistently eating healthily is beneficial, and some evidence suggests that using ghee may also have beneficial effects. Ghee’s abundance of vitamins E, K, D, and A helps keep hair from greying too soon. Greying may be stopped and even reversed thanks to the enzymes found in cow’s milk and ghee.

7. Bhringraj Hair Mask

The herb Bhringraj, also known as the “King of Hair,” is widely used as an all-natural solution to the problem of hair greying too quickly. There is a homegrown herb called Brahmi Bhringraj that can help with extreme stress. This oil treats dryness in the scalp and stops hair from becoming grey.

Further, by providing significant nourishment to the hair roots, it reduces hair loss. It restores your hair’s natural colour while also balancing your metabolism. The Bhringraj powder effectively prevents and slows the loss of hair colour and prevents hair loss.

8. Ridge Gourd Oil Mask

The enzymes in ridge gourd might help bring back the natural colour of your hair. Unruly hair often benefits from the natural conditioning that coconut oil provides. The use of coconut and Ridge gourd in anti-graying remedies is a no-brainer.

9. Black Pepper & Lemon juice

If you want to convert your greys back into black hair without using chemical colours, try this method. There are several ways in which black pepper may help your hair, beyond merely preserving its natural colour.

Black pepper’s high antioxidant content makes it useful for preventing and treating grey hair. The natural greying of hair is postponed, allowing you to keep your hair in good condition. In addition to preventing your black hair from turning grey too quickly, lemon is a fantastic component for many other uses.

The takeaway

Hair loss, dandruff, and premature grey hair are all natural consequences of ageing, but they don’t have to dampen your spirits or prevent you from enjoying your golden years to the fullest. Therefore, you might think about trying out one or more of these home cures for grey hair. Most people use a shampoo based hair colour. If you go for these tried-and-true colours, you’ll regain the youthful glow you had before your grey hairs appeared.

In a market flooded with organic hair colour in India, all you have to do is pick the best hair colour brand sold in India using some good old-fashioned common sense. Don’t let yourself get duped; instead, take the initiative to choose the organic hair colour for grey hair for your healthy, bouncy hair.

It usually takes a lengthy period of regular use for home treatments to be effective. Especially so with hair dye without ppd and ammonia. So, work steadily and patiently toward your goals. Your hair’s good condition is the surest sign that you made the right decision.

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