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Benefits of Convex mirrors in terms of security & safety


A convex mirror is a curved mirror in which the lense is curved outwards and the centre of the mirror bulges toward the spectator. Convex mirrors are also known as curved mirrors, fisheye mirrors, and diverging mirrors. The mirror’s outward bulge or curve broadens the visible region reflected in the reflection. Convex mirrors are ideal for expanding and improving visibility in security and safety applications because of this, as safety mirrors.

To Pick the Right Convex Mirror, Consider These Factors

Choosing the proper convex mirror may be difficult because there are so many different sizes and shapes available. 

When selecting a convex mirror, you should consider the following factors:

  • The distance in metres from the mirror at which things will be placed
  • For reflected objects, how much clarity do you want?
  • Do you need to be able to recognise things or people in more detail, or just figure out how they move?

What all applications does a convex mirror have?

1. Outdoor Applications

Convex mirrors may be put on any external building’s pole, rack, or wall. You’ll be able to place your convex mirror at the optimum possible viewing angle by employing a telescopic bracket mounting mechanism.

The optimum convex mirror installation height for security mirrors is usually 2-3 metres. If you want them to be lower than this for better visibility, be sure they don’t create a hindrance.

2. Intended for Indoor Use

Convex mirrors in warehouses mounted at eye level provide forklift operators with a more immediate warning, according to several warehouse and distribution managers. Larger mirrors located on a lower level provide greater warning than mirrored domes installed 3-5 metres above junctions.

What are the different types of convex mirrors?

Convex mirrors are utilised in a variety of applications including security, search, and inspection.

Convex mirrors are versatile as they come in a number of materials and sizes, as well as a variety of coloured frames.

External grade mirrors are made of weather-resistant materials, and they usually come with more durable fixings and brackets than interior mirrors, which don’t have to survive probable movement or realignment caused by high winds.

Usage on curves of road or driveway entrances

Convex mirrors are particularly beneficial since they allow you to see over corners and bends. They’re especially beneficial in blind corners, tight turns, and your driveway if you can’t see approaching traffic. Safety mirrors for your driveways can greatly benefit you. These mirrors, when placed at an appropriate height, allow you to see automobiles approaching when you can’t see them with your naked eye. This means that rather than leaving your driveway inch by inch, hoping for the best, you may now check to see if the road is clear before leaving.

Security Advantages of Convex Mirrors

  • Designed for Maximum Visibility

Automobile enthusiasts and scientists refer to such mirrors by numerous names. Their exceptional visibility has earned them the names fisheye and diverging mirror. When light is reflected off of convex mirrors, it is forced to diverge, causing parallel rays to go in opposite directions.

  • Designed to Fit Any Space or Position

Convex mirrors come in a variety of forms. They are usually rectangular or round. These forms make it simple to deploy in places like school hallways. The circular convex mirrors are around 1000mm in diameter, whereas the rectangular convex mirrors are 600-800mm in diameter and have a round edge. It may be used in low-ceiling settings because of the circular border.

  • Affordable And Long-Lasting

A convex mirror is made of lightweight and durable materials. Glass, stainless steel, polycarbonate, and acrylic are all possibilities.

Not only does this increase your security, but it is also long-lasting and requires little to no upkeep. Furthermore, convex mirrors are simple to install and need little expert work.

  • Combined With Security Cameras, It Performs Well.

Convex mirrors are ideal for use in conjunction with a CCTV system because they provide a wider field of vision. Security cameras are available in a number of varieties, and their field of view can be fairly large. However, some regions and corners are still as near as a blind spot.

You may now make both devices synergize to some level by combining them with a judicious positioning of a convex mirror. You widen the range of vision for the region you’re seeing while recording everything.

  • Friendly for environment 

Convex mirrors are also environmentally beneficial because they are made of recycled materials.

Furthermore, there is no requirement for energy when using convex mirrors to see what is going on in those hard-to-reach places. This provides store owners with an edge and a wider range of vision without increasing their energy costs.

Convex mirrors can also be used to monitor the business in the case of a power outage or equipment malfunction.

  • Designed For Better Visibility

Convex mirrors go by a variety of names. Because of its form, car enthusiasts refer to it as a fisheye mirror, while scientists refer to it as a diverging mirror. This is due to the fact that when light rays reflect off a convex mirror, they diverge.

Light beams that were initially parallel will diverge in separate directions as a result of this. The design provides for a larger field of vision, improving the visibility field of the watcher.


A curved security mirror can provide a larger field of view for personnel and the general public. This can aid in the promotion of a safe and secure working environment and the reduction of human dangers. Convex reflective mirrors also give a layer of security to regions that would otherwise be hidden.

A safer workplace also means that commodities and products are less likely to be damaged.


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