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Boob Pasties: What Are They?


We all know the struggles of keeping our dresses and clothes intact and in their places. Especially when wearing low-cut dresses and short skirts, it becomes really hard to take care of such wardrobe malfunctions. You might have to take care of your skirts, but there is a solution for those low-cut dresses and tops. Boob pasties!

Yes, invisible bras and skin-colored bras are also some of the solutions. But, boob pasties are the ultimate solution. When you use boob pasties, you don’t have to worry about any sort of wardrobe malfunctions anymore.

They stick nicely and cover your nipples perfectly. Unlike bras, they are not even visible clearly. They easily blend with your skin and give it an even look. 

Also, bras are tight and suffocating. They are like a cage to our tender and beautiful breasts. We all know that keeping something beautiful in a cage is no good. Beauty should be visible and free!

Unlike bras, boob pasties do not suffocate your delicate and beautiful breasts. They just cover the area of your nipples, thus giving your breasts all the freedom they need.

Hence, if you want to wear boob pasties instead of tight and suffocating bras, go ahead!

What are boob pasties?                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Boob pasties or also known as nipple pasties or nipple covers are small cups with adhesive on their back. These are designed to conceal the nipple and areola of our breasts.

These are also known as nipple petals since they are tender and delicate like petals and our breasts. 

These are used for low-cut and revealing dresses and clothing. Wearing bras in these clothes becomes difficult since they are visible in such clothes and might also affect the overall look of the dress or clothing.

You might think that wearing bras is a must if you want to lift your breasts and make them look firm in such dresses. But that is not true! Along with boob pasties, you can use boob tape or lift tape to give the necessary push-up effect to your beautiful breasts.

Thus, you can have a beautiful look with firm and seemingly fuller breasts with no irritation and suffocation from bras. 

Now you know why you need boob pasties. But do you know how to use them? If not, do not worry at all. Keep reading this article and you will know everything you need to know about boob pasties and lift tape.

How to use boob pasties

Using boob pasties is not a big and hard task. Generally, when you buy boob pasties, instructions are given for using them on the back of the pack. 

But in case you are still confused about applying them, here is how you should do it. Generally, there are two types of boob pasties

One which already contains the adhesive on the back. In these pasties, you just have to remove the dust sheet which is on the back and then paste them carefully on your nipples. After that, press them firmly on your breasts to make sure that they don’t fall off. 

The other type of boob pasties has a separate small glue bottle with it. Don’t worry this glue is safe for your tender skin of nipples and breasts. You have to apply a thin layer of this adhesive on the back of the pasties and then paste them on your breasts. Again, don’t forget to press them firmly to avoid any mishap.

Now that you know how to use boob pasties, let’s look at some of their very handy uses.

Uses of boob pasties

As an underwear: We all know this use of boob pasties. This is the most common way to use them. When you want to wear low-cut, strapless, or backless dresses, the most practical choice would be to wear boob pasties instead of bras.

They safely hide your areola and nipples from anyone’s sight. Wearing these you can flaunt your sexy dress confidently and without any worries.

As a swimwear: If you want to go to a beach to get some nice tan, but don’t want those unnecessary strap lines on your skin, boob pasties are your solution! 

There are boob pasties available in various colors and patterns. You can choose your favorite cute boob pasties and flaunt them on the beach!

Used by athletes: Athletes like runners and surfers experience irritation in the nipples due to the friction between their nipples and clothes like a bra or a t-shirt.

To avoid this damage to the tender skin of nipples, boob pasties are used as guards to prevent the contact of the skin with the cloth. Thus it also protects our nipples and areola from any kind of damage.

Now you know how useful and important boob pasties are!

Some women also use a type of boob pasties known as nipple shields for breastfeeding. Let’s look at what they are and how they are used.

What are nipple shields?

Nipple shields are a breastfeeding aid. They are nipple-shaped coverings that are positioned over the nipple and areola before breastfeeding the baby.

These are used when mothers have flat nipples or when babies find it hard to drink milk by holding the nipple in their mouth. These are usually made of silicone or thin latex. Thus, these are safe for both the mother and the baby.

These help in breastfeeding a premature baby. Premature babies are even more delicate than normal babies. Hence, they might not be strong enough to latch on to the nipple and drink milk properly. Nipple shields make breastfeeding easier for the mothers of premature babies and the babies themselves.

Thus, boob pasties and nipple shields are both very useful to us women. They not only help us in hiding our delicate body parts from people’s eyes but also make us feel confident in our skin.

Now I hope you know almost everything about boob pasties. So, what are you waiting for! Go on and pick some cute boob pasties for yourself and flaunt them!

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