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How To Choose The Perfect Abstract Print Fabric For Your Home


Home is the world’s sweetest place, right? Doesn’t matter small or big, decorative or simple; but home is home. Some people like to decor the home while some keep it plain as much as possible. Some buy wholesale fabric to decorate home while some try different textures, wall art, paintings to make home elegant. But do you have any idea that you can use abstract print fabric to decorate your house from furniture to wall art? This print looks amazing when merged with lighting and wide space. However, people get confused about how to buy the right print fabric as the wrong choice of abstract print could spoil your entire interior. 

But do not get overwhelmed as we have come up with some factors that you should consider while buying abstract print. These points would help you in making your home aesthetic and trendy. So let’s get started without wasting time. 

Fabric durability 

No wonder abstract looks beautiful but before choosing print, go to choose fabric. Upholstery fabric cannot be bought very frequently like clothes. This process is costly and takes time. So choose fabric that remains for long. For this purpose, you can go for fabrics like linen, cotton, silk, velvet and denim. Abstract print with silk looks amazing when you have earthy shade within the house. You can choose them for living room sofa and furniture. Velvet can be used for bedding while cotton and linen looks good for chairs and wall art. Cotton and linen could also be used for curtains. 

Bleeding or staying 

Checking the existing décor to see whether you want the new fabric to fit in with the colour palette or have it be more contrasting and stand out can help you select the proper upholstery fabric. Looking for the perfect upholstery fabric to complement your cool-toned grey walls? Try a pastel shade of blue or green. in search of the daring Pick a design with a wide variety of terra cotta and citron tones. Abstract print should not bleed while washing. This will ensure durability meanwhile bleeding could damage the print and pattern. So you should check whether the design is hand blocked or not as handblock bleeds more. 

Shape and size

Picking couch fabric is different from picking fabric for a statement chair. Fabrics that are neutral or solid colours are preferable for larger items since they are simpler to enjoy and live with over the long term, but using pillows or an accent piece to introduce patterns or colours that are a little more trendy or eye-catching is a terrific way to add personality to a room. Consider, also, that it is more difficult to produce fabric with a stronger texture or pattern closely following a curvier-shaped object, so plain upholstery fabric is usually the best option for anything with angles. Big size abstract should be used for a wide area like a bed and large wall art but for small places like a sofa medium or small size prints are fine.


Consider the area and the specific placement inside that room while shopping for upholstery fabric. How much natural light enters the space? As such, you should avoid purchasing dark-colored cloth and instead choose one that is naturally pale. Sunbrella textiles are fade-resistant and can be used both inside and outdoors, and we are one of the few businesses in the nation that can sell them straight from the factory. Another excellent indoor/outdoor brand sold at The Fabric House is Inside-Out. Keep in mind that most producers of spun polyesters will not guarantee your chair if it wears out soon, despite the fact that they may have attractive patterns.


I hope this made you clear about how to choose the right kind of fabric for yourself. Home has some different feelings and emotions that cannot be defined in terms of words but with elegant fabric and prints you can give your emotion shapes. So do not be careless when buying such stuff. Choose the right fabric manufacturer and justify home decor. For wholesale fabric, try fabriclore abstract print collection. You get a vast variety of material with customization options. 


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