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How to Emphasize Eyes When Wearing a Mask: 7 Makeup Tips


With the pandemic still lingering, wearing masks is still essential to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Masks protect against germs and viruses, preventing you from catching a cold or sickness that might be going around. Many people have become accustomed to wearing masks due to the global health crisis, and this safety measure will remain until it’s completely safe to go around without it.

While wearing makeup may well be the last item on your list of things to do before leaving, it certainly will bring a little more life to your face now that half of it is covered. Don’t let masks stop you from being creative and expressive. Consider this an opportunity to highlight your creativity and play with makeup through your eyes. 

By following this guide, you can be sure that your eyes will look expressive even when wearing a mask. Here are a few makeup tips to help you level up your eye look.

7 Makeup Tips to Emphasize Your Eyes When Wearing a Mask

  1. Use eye cream regularly.

Use an eye cream that suits your needs—whether that be for hydration, dark circles, or wrinkles. Eye cream is a more concentrated form of skin preparation, and its ingredients are specially targeted for helping the eyes. 

Prepping the skin is a sure way of getting the smoothest and longest-lasting makeup. Proper skin prepping will prevent cakey makeup and result in a smooth finish. This can also help avoid creasing.

  1. Use eyeshadows that will make your eyes pop.

Use an eye shadow that is matte or has a satin finish. You can also experiment with using shimmer eyeshadows to make a statement. However, know that shimmer shadows tend to amplify creases, so keep that in mind when applying shadow to your eyelids.

You can also use an eye shadow with some pigment infused with silicone for extra staying power and smoothness. Silicone works well on oily skin and helps makeup last all day. However, if you’ve already put on a primer, you don’t have to put on a silicone-based eyeshadow.

  1. Magnify your eye look with eyeliner and mascara.

Line your eyes with a waterproof liquid liner so that it won’t smudge from the sweat under your mask or cause irritation from rubbing on the mask’s fabric. There are plenty of easy eyeliner looks that you can find online to help you see which one will fit your eye shape the best. 

Apart from the eyeliner to direct the attention to your eyes, mascara also plays a big part in creating the illusion of bigger and bolder eyes. The long lashes help open up the eyes more and draw people into your eyes when you speak to them.

  1. Go light on the foundation.

Nobody’s going to shame you for wanting to wear a full face of makeup underneath your mask. Wearing a foundation, however, can be tasking to pull off. Since the mask is on your face most of the time you’re out, it’ll surely move and rub off due to friction. If you decide to do a full face, wear a light concealer or light powder in areas where you tend to get oily.

Wearing a light base can prevent smudging inside the mask—which is always not cute—but it can also help your skin breathe and prevent maskne.

  1. Brighten the eyes.

Foundation can feel a little too heavy, especially since it gets hot underneath our masks. However, no matter how good your eyeshadow game is, the entire look will fall if you fail to bring light to your eyes. The best way to do this is by placing concealer in the inner corners of the eyes and upward from the outside points to give your look an instant facelift.

  1. Fill in those brows.

There’s no better way to frame a face than with filled-in brows. Brow trends continue to change with the times, but all trends serve the same purpose of framing the face. Whatever the brow trend is or your favorite routine, brows can make or break a look just by their color and shape, so make sure that you take time to study which works best for you.

Speaking of trends, spruce things up a bit and try the latest brow trend: that look of feathered, bushy, filled-in brows.

  1. Bring the look together with blush and highlighter.

This might surprise you since this is a makeup tip that doesn’t directly involve the eyes. However, strategically placing your blush and highlight near your eye area can add to your look’s overall oomph.

The color of your blush can pull the overall look together. Using deep browns for your eyes wouldn’t make sense if you’re using a baby pink blush for your cheekbones. The colors will clash. In addition, using a cool-toned highlighter won’t look too good with a warm-toned blush.

Makeup is all about balance, so you have to look at what accentuates what feature of your face or if your colors match and bring the focus to your eye area, where you want it.

Makeup in Pandemic Times: Focus on the Eyes

Remember that your eyes can speak, and you can use them to express yourself, so feel free to get playful with your eye makeup. If you want to emphasize your eyes, don’t forget to follow these tips:

  • Skin preparation is the first step to achieving a flawless base for the rest of your makeup
  • Use matte eyeshadow colors that would accentuate your eyes
  • Go light on the foundation, and instead use concealer to hide your dark areas and lift the face
  • Frame your face with filled-in brows
  • Coordinate your blush and highlight color with the rest of your makeup

Now you know how to emphasize eyes when wearing a mask. Having the right makeup will be your best ally. So, spread out your creativity and bring out a new side of you. Make going out more exciting again by experimenting with different eye looks. 

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