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Look pure, look glamorous with wedding sarees


Indian brides wear wedding sarees as the most common bridal outfit in India. Though many brides opt for lehengas, in various Indian cultures, such as the South Indian, Bengali, or Maharashtrian communities, brides usually wear designer sarees for their wedding day and most other festivities.

Even though the Indian textile and handloom industries produce thousands of different wedding sarees, the gorgeous Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram pattu sarees, the substantial Banarasi brocade silk sarees, the vibrant Maharashtrian Paithani sarees, etc., are the ones that are most frequently worn for weddings. On the wedding day, these classic options look lovely. 

However, for the reception, you may choose more modern options — 

Some types

  • Maroon and gold Kanjeevaram saree: Nothing compares to a Kanjivaram saree’s beauty element more than this maroon and gold saree. The entire outfit, including the poola Jada hairdo and long plait, the heavy temple-style gold jewellery, the dark lips, and the heavily made-up eyes, rather than just the saree, is what makes South Indian brides look like queens. 
  • A bride dressed simply in Kanjivaram wedding sarees with a gold border and a consistent gold embossed pattern is a priceless look! The wedding saree’s straightforward style makes it a fantastic choice for many jewellery pieces and an elaborate blouse.
  • The Bengali bride: The stunning bride is dressed in a traditional red Banarasi brocade wedding saree. A Bengali bride must select clothing that goes with her jewellery because wedding sarees require her to wear a lot of heavy gold jewellery. The bridal saree’s tiny gold booties, scattered throughout, go nicely with the jewellery and highlight the intricate motifs. The bride’s crimson lips, white Chandan patterns on her forehead, and basic, clean eye makeup counteract all this glitz.
  • Rose and Gold Kanjivaram Saree: Silks in a bright pink hue appear incredibly wedding! Bright colours are certain to flatter brides since Kanjivaram wedding sarees are woven from the finest silk threads. A bride can dress for her wedding in a vivid pink designer saree from Kanjivaram with contrast green and gold top. The bridal saris are covered in large gold booties all around. The style is enhanced by heavy gold jewellery.
  • An orange flake Kanjivaram: Most Indian women have lovely golden and yellow hues on their skin. This is why warm, vibrant hues like orange and red complement Indian skin tones. This bridal saree from Kanchipuram has a gold border and only a few subtle gold embossed patterns. The colour scheme, however, is what makes this one a perfect option for a bride wearing a bridal saree. The warm orange and gold silk threads that weave the Kanchipuram bridal sarees give them a fiery orange colour. It looks stunning!
  • The Bride in White: Kerala brides in their white Kasavu wedding sarees appear divine. Choosing a white silk designer saree for your wedding will allow you to recreate the style effortlessly. Cotton yarns are typically used to make Kasavu wedding sarees. 
  • Go for such wedding sarees if you think a bridal appearance in a cotton saree will look too plain. With heavy gold jewellery, this matte gold and cream saree is stunning. It is ideal for a wedding in the morning. The bride also looks professional in her solid gold kamarband! Additionally, this white wedding saree doesn’t appear odd or out of place in a bridal frame. Therefore, if you can wear it, do so!


Wedding sarees are excellent for bridal and wedding attire since you may wear them forever! Wedding sarees can be handed down from generation to generation if kept in good condition. A saree-clad bride embodies class, tradition, and grace. Wedding around the corner? Check out the latest wedding sarees collection on various online platforms for a wardrobe of designer sarees for weddings.


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