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MacBook Air M1 Review: Is it Worth Your Buying?


MacBook Air M1 is among the first devices to feature the Apple M1 chip. However, that is not the only new aspect that Apple introduces through this model. It also has various enhancements and new features, as all-new MacBooks do. So, you get the familiar MacBook experience, but with more enhanced improvements. 

You must consider various aspects of the MacBook Air M1 if you consider buying the device. 

Now that Apple has also introduced the M2 chip, is MacBook Air M1 worth it? Go through its features, pros and cons to discover the facts. 

What is New in MacBook Air M1?

Apple has continued several features from previous models on MacBook Air M1. You need not necessarily upgrade to this model right now if your older MacBook Air is working without any glitch. Find a reliable MacBook repair in Chennai if your older device has some performance issues. 

Here are some aspects worth noting in the new MacBook Air M1 if you are planning to get it: 


MacBook Air M1 looks the same as its predecessors that had Intel chips. So, as many people might have expected, you do not get a new look with this model. However, most people would probably agree that the current look is stylish enough. This model also offers three colour options – silver, space grey and gold. Each of them looks quite good and that might make your choice a bit difficult. 


The thick bezels around your MacBook’s screen might make the device look outdated. After all, the latest laptops come with thinner screen bezels. Yet, Apple has continued the thick bezels on MacBook Air M1. 


The connectivity on MacBook Air M1 remains limited due to its two Thunderbolt 3 ports. The 3.5mm audio jack on this model for connecting speakers and headphones would also be found.


You have low chances of experiencing stuck keys on the MacBook Air M1 due to its scissor mechanism keyboard. So, you get a more comfortable typing experience on it than on models with butterfly keyboards. Apart from that, you get the same spacious and responsive trackpad as previous models. 


Apple has not made any enhancements on this laptop regarding the webcam. So, MacBook Air M1 comes with a 720p webcam, which is usually sufficient for regular requirements. 

Many other laptop models offer you a higher webcam resolution. However, the M1 chip on this laptop is much more powerful than Intel chips. So, you can at least get better performance with your webcam despite an unchanged resolution. 

You get a comparably enhanced voice reduction and higher dynamic range on MacBook Air M1. Moreover, you can get better video quality on this laptop’s webcam in low light. MacBook Air M1 webcam can record your face more clearly on Zoom, and FaceTime calls. So, Apple has added various enhancements to the webcam even though the resolution remains 720p. 

Graphics and Audio

MacBook Air M1 features the same display as its predecessor with the Intel chip. Its 2560 x 1600 IPS display looks great even though it cannot match the MacBook  Pro’s visuals. 

Do you need to perform professional editing and creative tasks on your laptop? Then, the MacBook Air M1 display can offer you optimal performance and is more than sufficient for regular tasks. 

When it comes to the speakers, MacBook Air M1 provides you with very clear audio. The MacBook Pro can offer you better audio quality, but the Air M1 is good enough. However, the highest volume on this laptop may not be loud enough for many users. 

So, you might need to use headphones or external speakers in some situations. You will find no distortion to the sound while using the speakers at maximum volume. 

RAM and Storage

MacBook Air M1 features a RAM of 8GB, which is optimal for most productivity tasks. So, it can take care of all the professional tasks that you run on it. Apart from that, it can also handle less demanding games without any problems. 8GB is currently the minimum RAM requirement for the latest games. 

512GB of storage space on the MacBook Air M1 is perfect for most users. It can handle gaming, browsing, and professional requirements all at once. 


The performance is where the MacBook is very much ahead of its predecessors. While they have an Intel processor, this model has a significantly stronger M1 chip. The M1 processor is over thrice as powerful as Intel. So, you can expect an even more powerful performance from the latest M2 chip. 

The processor fulfils professional video editing and creative requirements on MacBook Air M1. You can also see the difference it makes in the gaming performance. So, this Air model offers you much better performance than the previous ones. The effective fanless cooling feature ensures a smooth performance without any issues. 


The lack of cooling fans on MacBook Air M1 might concern many users. However, the effectiveness of its cooling performance has been established now. This laptop model does an incredible job of handling heat created during heavy tasks. 

Most of the credit for that also goes to its M1 processor. Also, fanless cooling is not a new feature in the MacBook series as you might know. So, there is no reason to doubt its performance at all.

Battery Life

MacBooks offer you impressive battery life, and the MacBook Air M1 is no exception. Many other laptops can offer you higher battery life, but you must consider performance. 

MacBook Air M1 lasts for over 15 hours while performing resource-demanding tasks. It can last a few more hours than that with a low CPU usage. Considering the display quality and performance it offers you, MacBook Air M1 has great battery life. 

MacBook Air M1 Review: Pros and Cons

Like most laptops, MacBook Air M1 has its pros and cons. You must weigh them against each other before reaching a conclusion. From what it seems, this laptop has more positive aspects than negative ones. 

Here are some of the essential ones you must note: 


The unbelievably fast performance is the greatest thing about MacBook Air M1, followed by the impressive battery life. The keyboard and trackpad maintain the experience that the previous models had provided. You can also say the same about the display of this laptop. Moreover, MacBook Air M1 runs without any noise due to its fanless design. 


The lack of more ports is the most significant con of the MacBook Air M1. It limits the connectivity options a lot for many users out there. Yet another con of this model is the 720p webcam, which many users will find insufficient. 

Bottom Line

Have you been using the MacBook Air Intel chip model? This M1 model is surely a worthwhile upgrade for you. MacBook Pro is a better choice for higher visual and audio performance. On the other hand, MacBook Air M1 is perfect for people running on a budget. 


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