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NDA Exam Preparation Approach


Firstly, let’s talk about what the NDA examination is all about. It is an examination taken by Indian students who want to join the defence forces. The examination is supervised by the UPSC. UPSC is the Union Public Service Commission. 

This exam is mandatory for students who want to join any of the Indian forces. Talking about forces like the Army, navy, and the air force. This exam is mandatory every year because students are recruited every year into one of these forces. 

Twice a year, students are required to take this exam as the first screening process to join the force. Just like every examination, it isn’t very easy, you have to study hard, and that is where this article comes in. 

To be clear, this isn’t an NDA preparation class. This article is here to help you by providing useful information on how you can study for NDA exams. 

NDA Preparation Tips

This section has detailed preparation tips that can help you ace your NDA exams. 

1. Make Time To Attend Classes

Obviously, this had to be a part of it. Attending classes has its advantages because teachers have a lot of information to offer. If you have the resources, you can try checking out some of the best NDA coaching in India. 

Places ranked as best NDA coaching in India have produced more successful students than others, therefore, they are to be trusted more than others. 

2. Make A Smart Schedule Plan

A schedule plan is like training rigorously for war. When your plans are smart, you will definitely do well. A smart study plan for the NDA exams is a plan that would help you study the whole NDA syllabus in due time before the exams. Here is a guideline that can help boost your NDA examination preparation plan:

  1. Go through everything on the syllabus and study the exam pattern too: Every examination has a pattern that they follow strictly. Not only that, but also, the NDA has a selection process. You also have to study this process. Lastly, study the syllabus. In addition, make sure you know the concepts in the syllabus like the back of your hand. With the knowledge of everything that has been listed here, your preparation will be solid. 
  1. Set your task priorities straight: This is what we mean, normally in every exam syllabus, some areas are more complex. Those areas are usually prioritized in the exams. Also, some areas are simpler and are usually not a priority. You should also prioritize those important areas in the syllabus when preparing for the exams.
  1. Create a timetable that you can follow: To prepare for any exams, you have to study yourself as well as you study your books. Know the limit to which you can read. Some people read for 6 to 8 hours, that doesn’t mean you can. 
  1. Take note of the important points: while reading, make sure you highlight or jot the important points. Important points are those points that you feel that you have to come back to. Those points have to be visited over and over again until you can memorize them by heart. Also, take note of the drawings and practice them. Diagrams are easy to cram, so they shouldn’t be hard. 
  1. Revise continuously: Do not just leave the things you have learned. Make sure you go back to them and memorize them until you can say them without looking at your books. You can easily forget things if you do not go back to memorize them. After reading, answer the past questions and practice the different formulas and diagrams using the past questions. 
  1. Deal with the simplest topics: The simple topics can be finished fast and easily. This will give you time to go over the difficult topics over and over. Also, with this method, you can easily finish the syllabus. 
  1. Ask for help from your friends and teachers: Discuss the hard parts of the syllabus with your friends and your teachers too. Form a reading group with your friends. As you teach each other, you all discover some important things that will help you too. 
  1. Do not overstress yourself: Make sure you are not cutting into your sleeping time. Rest properly, drink water, eat good food, and take treatments when needed. Also, there is no harm in taking a break. 

3. Make The General Knowledge And English Subject Your Priority

The NDA examination tests your proficiency in the English language. Also, apart from the written test in English, there is also an oral test taken during interviews. As for general knowledge, you have to take the syllabus seriously, because it is part of the priorities in the NDA examination. You can read magazines and current affairs books to be proficient in  general knowledge. Choosing the right NDA preparation classes can help you immensely in this.

4. Read Materials Properly

Reading the right materials will also help in your preparations. The market is full of good books to select from. You can surf the internet for books, check the libraries, and study materials online. 

5. Prepare Yourself for the examination By Solving Past Questions

When solving past questions, you can focus on different things. For instance, you can solve past questions to help enhance your speed, get the examination pattern, and also, figure out the difficulty of the exam. 

6. Work On Your Health And Personality

NDA doesn’t only review students with the exams. They also review students in interviews. Your health is checked, and your personality is also checked. You have to be healthy enough to be accepted. 

7. Revision

Revision should be done when the exams are getting closer. You don’t want to leave anything out on purpose. Revise all that you have read, it helps you remember a lot. Now, even when you didn’t get enough time to finish the syllabus. It is advisable to revise a week before the exam, so you don’t forget the little in your head. It is better to go in there with 75% knowledge than trying to cram everything and lose it all. 

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