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Retractable Banner Stands: The Most In-Demand Event Marketing Tool of 2022


The COVID19 pandemic caused the global event marketing industry to temporarily shut down for almost two years. Marketing and sales teams had to sit through painfully long “virtual events” during this period. These virtual events weren’t nearly as successful as in-person events and tradeshows.

Thankfully, in 2022 – in-person events are back, and they’re here to stay. More people are becoming eligible to attend these events as vaccination rates increase all across the globe. However, event organizers are still cautious. Instead of hosting events in enclosed spaces (e.g., convention centers), they’re planning to host more events in outdoor venues.

Large gatherings in outdoor spaces are relatively safer than events in indoor spaces. Brands that want to drive brand interaction and engagement at these events must prepare accordingly. Brand leaders must come fully prepared with the right marketing materials. Or else their brands may not get any attention at these events.

Event Marketing – Using the Right Marketing Tools

What’s the perfect event marketing tool in 2022 – one that can perform well indoors and outdoors? Retractable banner stands. For several years, top brands have used these promotional tools to drive more foot traffic to their booths at events. These sleek banners look very professional and classy. They give event attendees good impressions of brands.  

If your brand is attending marketing events in 2022, there’s no doubt you’ll need well-designed retractable banner stands. Thankfully, all event marketers love using these tools. Even if you haven’t used a retractable banner stand before, learning how to use it will take only 5-10 minutes. Their ease of use makes them highly popular among event marketers.

The Rising Demand for High-Quality Banner Stands

Brand leaders across the globe are preparing to attend various events in 2022. They’re equipping themselves with sleek and well-designed roll-up banner stands. They know that these banners are guaranteed to attract attention at crowded events. Here are some other reasons why event marketers love using these tools –

Super-Easy Set-Up

Events in 2022 are set to be very busy and hectic. Brand leaders won’t get much time to set up their booths or sections at these events. Hence, they need easy-to-use tools that they can set up or disassemble within seconds. 

That’s exactly what retractable banners are. They come with spring-loaded hardware and sturdy aluminum frames. These disassemble within seconds. You can retract or fold your retractable banner within seconds. Then, store it in a compact kit. Reuse it at later events.

Total Customization

The leading sellers of custom banners use advanced printers to custom-create new banners for their customers. The print quality is amazing. Plus, buyers receive 100% customization control. They can print all types of high-resolution graphics or designs on their banners. 

All of this can happen over the internet. Buyers can easily customize their banners online and create personalized banners with colorful, bright graphics. Brand leaders can create vivid, eye-catching banners that are guaranteed to attract eyes at events.

These are the reasons why all event marketers love using custom-printed retractable banners at events.

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