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Why should you check your FedEx shipping


Consider that you are an Indian business owner who wants to sell items to a client in Taiwan. What then is the legal agreement between the carrier (importer/shipping/logistics) and the shipper (exporter/seller agent)?

Bill of Lading or Shipping Invoice is the name of the document.

The focus of today’s guide is shipping invoices. We shall gain a complete understanding of shipping invoices and ideas that are related to them. Let’s look at what will be discussed next:

Up to 8 charges may be added to your regular FedEx rate on your FedEx invoice. Accessorial fees, address-correction fees, delivery area surcharges, and other costs are a few examples. It is necessary to carefully evaluate each of these allegations. Going over each line on your FedEx invoice takes a lot of time for organizations.

Our AI-driven algorithms detect billing issues as well as service-level performance faults. This guarantees that companies pay the correct delivery cost.

What mistakes were found during the audit?

There could be up to 50 billing mistakes and service failures on your FedEx invoice. All of these overcharges or errors qualify for refund requests.

Refunds for late delivery, incorrectly applied surcharges, address correction fees, residential surcharges, and other billing errors are all examples of errors.

Our thorough audit not only lists all of the mistakes on your invoice but also makes logical recommendations to enhance the overall shipping cost efficiency.

How may your FedEx invoice be audited?

Your FedEx invoice audit is entirely automated. There is not a single manual action.

So how does it function?

  • When you set up your account, you disclose your FedEx login information.
  • From your FedEx online invoice, our algorithms begin processing shipments.
  • Instantly learn about potential cost recovery opportunities.
  • Get credits added to your FedEx shipping account.

Shipping Invoice Types

You can locate specific types of shipping invoices for your company that is either free or paid. However, we have provided a list of the most typical shipping invoice types. As we learn:

Pro-Forma Bill

Before the shipment or transfer of goods, customers are given a predicted bill of sale, also known as a preliminary bill of sale.

A breakdown of the items purchased as well as other crucial information, such as the amount of shipping and the cost of transportation will typically be included on the invoice.

Typical Invoice

It is the kind of invoice style that small firms use the most frequently. This kind is given to a customer by a company and issued to them.

The typical invoice includes details like the invoice number, the company name, the client’s name, the contact information for both parties, and the payment that belongs to the client.

Bill for debit

A business that needs to obtain payment from a consumer will send what is also known as a debit invoice or debit note. When a freelancer or small business needs to make a minor change to an existing invoice, debit invoices can be helpful.

Bill of Credit

An invoice’s credit is described in a credit invoice, which is also known as a credit memo. Furthermore, it was delivered by a business that needed to compensate a customer for an earlier billing error or provide them a discount or refund.

Various Invoice

On a single invoice, credit and debit charges are merged, and the total amount may be expressed as positive or negative numbers.

A mixed invoice may be necessary if you’re lowering the amount owed for one of the projects you’re billing for while increasing the amount owed for another project billed on the same invoice, which is a situation that arises seldom for small firms.

Where are your refunds from FedEx?

FedEx adjustments or credits that we find for you are immediately reflected on your current or subsequent FedEx invoice. Usually, it takes up to a week from the time a dispute is filed for the credits to appear. The corrections are automatically subtracted from the shipping price that must be paid.


Finally, we have concluded this explanation. Let’s review some essential details for your future reference.

  • An accounting and legal document called a shipping invoice list the specifics of freight cargo.
  • In international trade, a shipping invoice is frequently used.
  • You must make sure that the shipping invoice contains your correct mailing address, phone number, and email address.
  • You must include payment options in your invoices, such as checks, cash, credit cards, and net banking..
  • Shipping invoices are more thorough than typical commercial bills.
  • Included in internal control is role separation. Simply put, it prevents one person from having an excessive amount of power inside an organization.
  • A commercial invoice is a legal document that describes the exchange of money between a supplier and an organization or other third-party buyer.


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