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Why The Joker Is The Most Important Card In A Rummy 


We all know that rummy is always about skills! You cannot depend on your luck to win any rummy match, either online or offline. Rummy game is a popular card game that has been played in the Indian subcontinent for ages. For playing rummy games, it is important to learn its rules and tricks to win every round. The basic and important tip to increase your chances of winning in a rummy match is to use your joker card wisely. A Rummy joker can be a game changer for you if you use it adequately. 

Because of the increasing popularity of card games, various types of platforms are being made where players can enjoy different types of card games and win exciting prizes that include cash prizes as well. These platforms are quite interesting because they offer a variety of features like cash rewards, bonus points, multiple games, online matchmaking, etc. 

One such platform where people can enjoy classic card games like Rummy and Poker and earn cash prizes is GetMega. It is a popular platform where thousands of players play these games and participate in tournaments as well. The one who is exceptionally well in such games gets exciting cash prizes which he/she can easily transfer to their bank account. 

Why the joker is termed as a game changer in Rummy

If you are playing rummy against someone then, your prime focus should be one victory. While playing a rummy game online you must keep in mind that it is all about how quickly you can form sequences and win against your competitor. It is important to use your joker card on time. It has been observed that many times only the joker was the reason why players won huge amounts of cash as a prize. 

Joker card as ‘wild card’ 

In a rummy game, it is mandatory to form two sequences out of which one has to be a pure sequence where no joker can be used.  Another one can be an impure sequence where a joker can be used as a substitute for a missing card. A joker can be a coloured card as well as a card that is drawn from the pile of cards and selected as a joker for that particular round of rummy.

Jokers can even save you from loss if you pile with high-value cards. Joker can reduce the points in case you are losing in that particular round of rummy. However, there are some tricks that you must keep in mind while playing rummy if you have a joker. Some tricks that might help you are, 

  • Discard those cards which are close to the joker. For example, if the joker is 2 of the diamonds then discard the 2 of diamonds or ace of diamonds.
  • There is no point in holding a joker card if you are not able to use it. But, you must have the right time to discard it. 
  • Try to create a pure sequence where you do not have to use the joker as a substitute. It will help you win with more points. 
  • Do not hold different joker cards as it might not be helpful by any means. If you think that holding on to joker cards will not let other players complete their sequence then you are wrong. A discarded joker cannot be picked by another player until and unless it was a mistake. 

How to use ‘joker Card’ in a rummy match

As we have already read, the joker card can be used as a substitute player to complete an impure sequence in rummy. Even the joker card has some limitations. Here is a complete guide on how you can use the joker card appropriately. 

  • You need four cards in one sequence to complete it. For an impure sequence, you can use two joker cards as a substitute for two cards. 
  • Joker can only be picked by another player If you have discarded it by mistake. But when discarded with other intentions then other players have to pick the card from the pile.  

Despite knowing the use of a joker card it is mandatory to understand when the joker card is needed the most. 

Now, you are well aware of how a joker can be a game changer in a rummy match. Why not try playing a classic Rummy game on GetMega to showcase your skills and win many exciting cash prizes? GetMega is an online gaming platform where players can play classic card games like rummy and poker. On this platform, players can also participate in various types of cash tournaments and book tables where they have to compete against real players. If you think you can also compete against real players then try the GetMega app and try to win as many cash prizes as you can!

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