6 Things To Know Before Starting Family Planning In Your 30’s


Every single decision you make has a long-term effect on your life as well as your close ones. So, if you are planning to increase your family with a baby in your 30’s, there are a myriad of things to consider and keep in mind. As per the endocrinologist of the best IVF centers in India, several factors work when you choose to become a parent in your late thirties and early forties. Parenting is not an easy feat, and it is even more difficult if you are a first-time parent. In this article, we have highlighted a few important things that you should know before planning a pregnancy in your 30’s. The increasing success rate of assisted parenthood and the dropped cost of IVF treatment in Chandigarh and other parts of the country allow couples to wait for a few years to have the first child. Let us begin without wasting time.

1. It Is Pretty Difficult To Get Pregnant At Your 30’s

Many studies and the top specialists of IVF centers have affirmed that women aged more than 30 years are likely to have fewer chances to get pregnant than their younger counterparts. Put simply; age affects the fertility rate significantly. Therefore, the younger your odds of conceiving will be higher. However, if you are thinking of becoming a mother in your 30s, assisted reproductive methods are the best option for you. Almost all types of ART procedures are provided by the IVF center in Panchkula and other country cities. In vitro fertilization costs are lower than ever to support your future family.

2. You Can Do Better Planning To Raise Your Child

It is the adage that “With age comes wisdom.” And it’s quite true while raising a child. According to the old studies, the older parents raise their wards much better than the younger parents. For instance, mature moms are much better than younger ones in educating their kids. Similarly, older fathers can provide better financial support for their loved ones in lieu of younger dads. In addition, the studies have affirmed that older parents are more caring, understanding, and supporting during the puberty of their kids.

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3. You Can Spend More “We Time” Together

Undeniably having a baby is the most wonderful feeling on this globe, but it is also true that you rarely get time to enjoy your life with your partner when your little one arrives. The reason is that babies need a lot of care, especially during the few years after birth. But delayed family planning allows you to spend more quality time with your partner so that you deeply understand each other. For instance, you can go on vacation anytime you want or go on a world tour, just the two of you. 

4. You Can Save Lot Of Money

Raising a child is a piece of cake, especially in today’s expensive times. You need to invest time and money to nurture the child well. From regular health checkups to diapers, meals to accessories, schooling to extracurricular activities, there are a lot of things in which you have to invest after becoming a parent. So, you can start saving in advance to secure your children’s future. 

5. A Few Complications In Childbirth

If you succeed in getting pregnant in your 30’s, there are high chances of having complications. The reason is both sperm and egg quality strat decreasing with age. Also, women may suffer from several other problems like blocked fallopian tubes, ovarian issues, etc. This is the reason why couples are getting assisted reproductive treatment like IUI, ICSI, and IVF nowadays. The ART technologies have been improved a lot in the past years, and the success rate associated with them is very high now. 

6. Physical & Mental Problems In Child

One of the research also suggests that late pregnancy can also cause physical and mental deformities if DNA fragmentation in the male partner is pretty high. As a result, their wards can suffer from Autism or multiple deformities right after birth or later in life. Although the problem does not appear in every case, the percentage of the children having deformities is mostly seen when a mother has a baby after 45. 

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The Bottom Line-:

These days, many IVF centers are offering a much lower cost treatment, providing the services of cord blood and stem cell collection and storage to protect your child from any disease.

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