7 Best Ways to Consume Cannabis Without Smoking


As cannabis loses its stigma in response to widespread legalization, more people are becoming curious about its benefits. Sales of feminized cannabis seeds rise each year, and non-smokers learn how to consume cannabis in new and exciting ways.

New consumption methods lower the barrier to entry that smoking may present. Whether you’re trying to hook up a non-smoker or looking for a healthier way to ingest cannabis, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn about some different ways of taking weed.

7 Different Ways of Taking Weed

Want to find out how to consume cannabis smoke-free? There are options to suit all users, from those looking for an intense high to those seeking only therapeutic relief.

Let’s jump in.


Vaping is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to get high without smoking. Vaporizers work by precisely heating your buds to the point where the active ingredients turn into vapor. Once heated, you inhale the vapor, where it’s absorbed into your bloodstream.

Vaping is useful if you’re trying to stop smoking. It’s mechanically similar and provides roughly the same experience as smoking. The vapor stream contains none of the harmful particles associated with regular smoking.

On top of being healthier, vaping delivers a smoother, tastier experience that allows you to appreciate your cannabis strain’s terpene profile. This smoking method produces explosive flavors, particularly when paired with a tasty weed like the Cheese strain.


Dabbing is to oils and concentrates what vaping is to buds. This method of cannabis consumption delivers heavy-duty effects and is more suitable for seasoned enthusiasts. It works similarly to vaping, where you apply a “dab” of concentrate onto a preheated element.

If you’re wondering how to get high without smoking weed, dabs are powerful enough to satisfy any tolerance level. As the name suggests, concentrates possess elevated levels of cannabinoids and are much more potent than buds or hash.

The benefits of dabbing could be drawbacks for less experienced users. Moderating your intake is difficult, and the intensity of the experience could potentially overwhelm you.


People have been creating cannabis-infused cuisine for a long time, as it’s a reliable and easy way to intake weed. Adding marijuana to your food produces a unique set of effects quite different from smoking.

A huge range of high-quality cannabis edibles is available in nearly any imaginable form. From THC gummy bears to CBD-infused granola bars, eating weed has never been more delicious.

For the adventurous chefs, home cooking with weed is a fun alternative to buying your edibles.

THC and CBD exist in their unactivated precursor forms in “raw” cannabis. To activate the desired compounds, you need to decarboxylate your buds. This process entails heating them at relatively low temperatures in an oven.

Once you decarb your weed, add it to food directly, or process it further. One of the most popular ways to do this is to make cannabutter. Once made, your weed-infused butter keeps for weeks, and you can use it to spice up any meal.

Remember, eating marijuana produces delayed results, as THC is absorbed more slowly than smoking. Eat too much, and you could end up far higher than planned.


Cannabis-filled capsules are one of the simplest ways to intake weed. They’re odorless, tasteless, highly discreet, and portable. You won’t experience the flavor or taste of your buds, but capsules are effective at what they do.

This method is one of the best ways of consuming marijuana when other more obvious ones aren’t possible. Like edibles, weed capsules have delayed results. Wait for them to take effect before consuming more.


Sublingual delivery methods are often placed in the same category as edibles and capsules, as they’re all administered orally. However, consuming cannabis this way doesn’t produce the same results as eating weed or weed pills.

Tinctures are the most common type of sublingual extract, but soluble tablets and film are also available. Using them is incredibly simple. You apply a drop of tincture or place the film or tablet under your tongue.

The cannabinoids are absorbed through the mucus membranes in your mouth. As a result, the effects of sublingual cannabis delivery methods are fast-acting and powerful.


Suppositories aren’t the most common way to intake weed, but they certainly exist. Most cannabis suppositories are medicinally-focused and usually contain CBD for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Once taken, cannabinoids in the suppositories are quickly absorbed through the rectal membrane, where they enter the bloodstream and take effect.


Applying cannabis-infused creams, lotions, and serums is one of the most exciting new ways people can use cannabis’ therapeutic properties. 

Topical cannabis concoctions are free of psychoactive effects, so they’re perfect for those who want the healing without the high.

One of the best ways to consume marijuana topically is using a THC or CBD bath bomb. These sensational soluble spheres enhance your bath’s relaxing qualities and add other benefits. They’re also fun to watch whizzing around your tub.

Cannabis Consumption for the Modern Age

You’ve learned how to get high without weed combustion. All of these consumption methods, new and old, expose more people to the positive potential of cannabis. If you’re interested in weed but not keen on smoking, why not try one of the above methods?

Grow some cannabis seeds and produce your own capsules, edibles, or tinctures if you’re pleased with the results. Whatever you do, have fun, and remember to consult a medical professional before making any changes in your medication routine.

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