Awesome Gift Ideas That Will Tell Your Partner How Much You Love Him


Sometimes, it’s very hard to put how much you care about some person into words. That’s ok because gestures often speak much louder than any word spoken. And what better gesture there is than giving your partner some awesome present worthy of your mutual affection.

Unfortunately, a lot of men out there are not so open and they don’t easily wear their hearts on their sleeves so it can be challenging to find the right pick for them. Let us take a look then at some of the best gift ideas that should solve this problem and make sure you always have something in store for your significant other.

Romantic Gifts

Romantic gifts are the simplest way of saying “I love you” without beating these three words to death. Keep in mind, though, that, since they are very broad, you shouldn’t use these options to mark some major milestones and dates of your relationship. But, as long as you keep them for some occasions of lesser importance like Valentine’s Day, smaller anniversaries, or no special occasions at all, roses, wine, heartfelt letters, couple’s photo albums, chocolate, and similar gifts can do a great job in expressing your emotions. Using them sparingly and spontaneously will prevent them from ever feeling on the nose.

Practical Gifts

This type of gift can’t be further removed from everything we have but they do play the same role and ultimately tell your partner how well you know them. That is a very romantic move in itself. So, instead of trying to nail down some of the more elusive parts of your partner’s personality try to find out what he actually needs or really wants at this very moment and simply move this issue off the table. The gifts that fall into this category are usually tied to partners’ professions (briefcases, pens, etc.), or hobbies (fishing rod, latest, DSLR, etc.). But, when in doubt, you can always resort to some cutting-edge gadget.

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Gourmand Gifts

Yeah, people are getting really serious about food as of late and even if your partner doesn’t have an itch for cooking just yet the right gift at the right moment can nudge him in the right direction. Therefore, if you are not 100% your partner is committed to cooking, avoid expensive items like cooking equipment and start with something small like spices. Let’s take for example quality chilly gifts in Australia – these small gift bags are completely produced Down Under, come in a neat gift pouch, are packed with a cute gift card, and they feel just classy enough to invite your significant other to stretch his culinary muscles.

Alpha Gifts

To make things a bit clearer, alpha gifts are the items that make a manly man feel manlier. Of course, what makes one guy feel more confident and dominant ranges from person to person, but if you are not sure about these small character-based nuances, you can always go with something classy. We are talking about the items like ties, watches, shoes, boots, leather jackets, shirts, sunglasses, and so on. If you know what imagined or real-life person your partner likes, your job will be made much easier. For instance, people attracted to personalities like Jason Momoa won’t exactly enjoy a three-piece suit.

Novelty Gifts

Novelty gifts can be best described as oddball, funny items that are meant more to cause laughs and not quite make a lasting impression. That is perfectly ok if you use these gifts sparingly and only when the occasion allows. So, if you want to use a customized mug to poke fun at some TV show you and your partner have recently watched won’t fly as an anniversary gift. But, if you chip this option in for Secret Santa, New Year’s Eve, or pretty much any other occasion that scores a lot of people to laugh, this is the best possible pick. So, unleash your creativity and hit your partner with something he least expects.

Surprise travel

Last but not least, we would like to remind you that everyone likes to travel. Sure, some people like to spend their vacations lying on the beach catching a tan. Others like their travels more active so they spend their free days exploring new cities and wild territories. But everyone loves to, from time to time, hit the pause button and go for a short tour of globetrotting. That means that even if you absolutely run out of all other options, you always have this one card you can play. Whether you are going to take a romantic Roman holiday, climb the nearest mountain or lay low on Bali is entirely up to your partner.

We hope these few mentions hide something you can use to give your partner a gift he will truly appreciate or can even help you come up with something of your own. What’s important to remember is that even when they are slightly off the mark, small gifts can still tell the person you love how deep your love truly is. And if you manage to do that, all other things will pale in comparison. 

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