Does Size and Material Really Affect the Durability of Exterior House Numbers?


When it comes to house numbers, there are a range of factors that do affect how long they last and how durable they are overall. Knowing what is going to affect how long your house numbers last can help you determine which numbers are going to work best for your home.

Does Size Affect Durability of House Numbers?

The size of the numbers you choose is one of the factors that does affect how long they last and how good they look. If you have a house number that is made of plastic, and it is very large, and very thin, this is more likely to break and to become damaged with time and wear and tear than a smaller, thicker number that is perhaps less thin. If you have house numbers that are not as large and that are made of a bit thicker plastic, they are going to be longer lasting and a bit more durable.

Similarly. Very large numbers, even when they are made of a sturdy material like aluminium, are going to be susceptible to sun damage unless they are powder coated and have a chromate conversion coating. So, size does have an impact on how durable and how sturdy your house numbers ultimately are.

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Does Material Affect Durability of House Numbers?

Another factor to keep in mind is the material that house numbers are made of. With numbers that are made of plastic, they are going to be susceptible to the sun, the heat, the cold and other elements that they are likely to come in contact with as they exist on the exterior of your home. Plastic does not like to be heated up and cooled down. Extreme fluctuations in heat and cold can make the plastic brittle and can make it more likely that they will break or that the colour will fade.

For house numbers that are made of wood, water can also affect them and can make them break down and even rot if they are not made of sealed wood or if they have not been weather treated. For those house numbers that are made of metal like brass or aluminium, these are going to be far more durable than any other option.

Which House Number is Right for You?

 When it comes right down to it, the style of house numbers really are a personal choice. Choosing numbers that are going to be durable is a great way to ensure that the investment that you make in quality numbers is worth it and that you are going to have a set of numbers that lasts. If you like the look of a certain font or a certain material, ordering custom house numbers in Australia is the best way to make sure you get a set that you are going to love.

Investing in house numbers that are high quality, made of durable materials, and that is a font that is also going to lend itself well to lasting is a must. When choosing larger house numbers, look for a font that is going to be chunky enough to give some substance to the numbers so that they do not thin out too much. When choosing a number that you want to last, perhaps try metal numbers as they are going to be nearly impervious to things like heat and cold and weather.

Even plastic house numbers can be durable if you invest in numbers that are good quality. You want to find a company that makes a range of numbers, a company that cares about quality and a company that is always working to ensure that their customers are happy with the products they create. A great set of house numbers can last the entire time you live in a home, you just have to find the right numbers for you. 

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