Excessive Sweating Armpits: Effective Tips and Treatments


Did you ever get bothered due to heavy underarm sweating? We know it’s embarrassing as well as uncomfortable to handle this situation.

But did you know that excess underarm sweating can be prevented? 

Yes, it is true!

You can try excessive underarm sweating treatment and home remedies to minimize or eliminate bad odor. But remember, only doctors or surgeons can suggest medical treatments.

Well, for a better understanding we have created a write-up about the reasons and preventions for excessive underarm sweating. Let’s dive in!

The Main Causes Of Excessive Sweating Armpits 

Another name for the excessive sweating armpits problem is axillary hyperhidrosis. The main reason for this problem is sweat glands which become more active than they should normally be. 

Usually, 30% to 50% of people already have a family history of excessive sweating. It means genetics plays an important role in the prevalence of axillary hyperhidrosis.

There are some other reasons for excessive sweating armpits:

  • Heavy workout
  • Cold
  • Scratching summers
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Tea or coffee intake
  • Smoking
  • And having spicy food  

Excessive sweating armpits can have a major effect on someone. Often this problem is triggered due to psychological factors like an emotion felt strongly or stress. Mostly, excessive sweating armpits issues start in your adolescence but can go unnoticed during your younger years too.

How To Overcome Excessive Sweating Armpits?

You will see many excessive underarm sweating treatments from professionals but there are some natural remedies too. You can try the below-listed treatments at home to overcome excessive sweating armpits.

Topical antiperspirants

We would suggest that you stop using deodorant. It is because this may temporarily eliminate the underarm odor, but not permanently. Instead of deodorants, start using antiperspirants.

This is the best remedy for killing bacteria (odor-causing). Also, it blocks your sweat glands actively from producing underarm sweat. As per your requirements, you can go for a stronger antiperspirant that consists of a high amount of aluminum chloride.

Keep armpits clean

Cleaning your armpits includes shaving your underarms, which is beneficial to stop sweating. Well, hair consists of moisture, and so does the underarm hair.

Shaving is important to prevent experiencing heavy underarm sweating. And continued cleaning of the underarm might eliminate or reduce this problem.

Wait for dressing after shower

When you take a shower, wait at least 3 to 5 minutes to get dressed. Follow this advice, especially if you are taking a hot shower. Let the moisture get dry, and then dress up for the day.

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Keep your body hydrated

Eat food with high liquid content and drink more water. This will keep you hydrated and keep your body cool which prevents excessive sweating.

Use breathable clothes

Try to wear breathable clothes with fine quality material. Choosing tight clothes can make you sweat more. However, loose-fitted fabrics minimize the chances of sweating.  

Most Common Excessive Underarm Sweating Treatment

1. Botox

Botox is an effective treatment for excessive underarm sweating. In this treatment, the doctor uses Botox injections (consisting of botulinum toxin). It helps block the nerve signals (responsible for sweating) and prevent the sweat glands from producing sweat.

You can consider Botox in Canberra and opt for it to prevent underarm sweating. However, retreatment is required every four months to six months because nerves regenerate. 

Patients can easily tolerate Botox injections which provide effective results. Well, they may feel a little pain while injecting. Moreover, the sweat glands on the feet and hands respond great to Botox injections.  

2. MiraDry

The miraDry is a non-invasive and quick procedure recommended by doctors for axillary hyperhidrosis. In this procedure, the miraDry system delivers controlled energy to the area in which sweat glands (underarm) reside. 

Generally, the sweat glands do not regenerate once the treatment is completed. Also, its results are faster, and you can expect to see sweat reduction just after the treatment, with no or minimal downtime.   

Furthermore, the procedure doesn’t involve any surgical cuts or incisions. It’s a customized treatment for your underarm area that consists of the miraDry handpiece with multiple placements.  

Firstly, local anesthesia is given to the patient at least half an hour before the treatment. And the treatment will take approx one hour. Even medical testing (sweat test) is essential for patients. It includes coating the skin layer with a powder that turns purple when the skin gets wet.  

3. Sympathectomy Surgery

If the above two treatments fail, then Sympathectomy (surgery) is considered by doctors. It is a permanent excessive underarm sweating treatment that stops excessive sweating. During the sympathectomy treatment, the surgeon stops nerve signals which your body sends to sweat glands.  

A dermatologist removes the sweat glands from the patient’s underarms. And the surgery can easily be performed in the office of a dermatologist. The surgery area gets numbed, which helps patients to stay awake.


If you have tried home remedies but that don’t work, then go for permanent solutions. As your doctor, whether Botox, miraDry, or Sympathectomy would be beneficial for treating underarm sweating. If you want to choose a cost-effective solution, then botox in Canberra is the right one.

Hopefully, you have got enough knowledge of the causes and treatments for excessive underarm sweating.

Thank you for reading!


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