Experience Kolkata’s Food Culture with Home Food Delivery Services


There are home food delivery services like Swiggy for those occasions when it’s not always possible to go out and eat from the restaurants. The opening of new restaurants practically every month has the Kolkata food scene buzzing. And over the past several years, Swiggy has developed into a crucial tool for helping new restaurants gain more consumer momentum. The food aggregator has now unveiled an opportunity for prospective restaurant partners around the nation who wish to grow their businesses online. Here, we will first discuss the food culture of Kolkata and then talk about the restaurants in Kolkata from where you can order food online.

Food culture in Kolkata

From Mughlai food to contemporary French cuisine, West Bengal is a food lover’s paradise for both vegetarians and meat eaters. Bengali food is vibrant and delicious, exactly like Indian culture, from sweet shops to street delicacies. Go to Kolkata, also known as “The City of Joy” and the “Cultural Capital of the Country,” which is the preferred destination for foodies looking to experience a variety of flavours and is home to delicious cuisine. With the title of the nation’s top food destination, Kolkata hits all the right notes with spicy fast food and delectable sweet delicacies. You can be perplexed about what to try and what to the left given the enormous variety of foods available. We have come up with a number of restaurants that you must try through home food delivery services to taste the greatest authentic Kolkata cuisines.

Kolkata restaurants that deliver food online


Mouth-watering Momos filled with a combination of juicy, boneless chicken, cheese, coriander, herbs, and Indian spices are a perennial favourite. From the slopes of the Himalayas, a simple steamer bamboo basket decorated with adorable shinny, soft momos playing hide-and-seek and napping on a bed of shredded cabbage accompanied with the “MUST” hot, spicy dipping sauce has travelled far to claim the title of epic street food Bengal.

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Cafe Coffee Day

Here, you may get a variety of delectable and high-quality cake, beverages, burgers, and pizzas. Order online at CCD with the help of home food delivery. Get the full selection of CCD coffee, coffee mugs, cookies, snacks, and more online. For the young people, CCD is a place to “hang out” where they can meet people, strike up conversations, and have a tonne of fun while sipping steaming cups of excellent coffee. Since then, it has been a thrilling journey to becoming Kolkata’s biggest organised chain of retail cafes.

Blue Star Restaurant  

Indian food is served here through home food delivery. You can have expertly prepared beef, chicken, and chicken biryani at this restaurant. Many reviewers mention how effective the staff is at this location. This restaurant offers a variety of mouthwatering foods to its customers online, including Biryani, Chicken, Rolls, Rice, Fish, Soup, and many more.

Hatari Restaurant  

Enjoy Sichuan and Chinese cuisine that combines a variety of culinary traditions. The majority of visitors suggest eating perfectly prepared glazed pork, smoked lamb, and mushrooms. This restaurant’s chef creates delectable ice cream. Many guests order top-notch wine. The delicacies that can be ordered online through home food delivery services. Some of the food items that you can order here include Murg Shola Kabab, lamb and Mongolian Chicken, noodles with Shitake mushrooms, and prawns in Hunan Sauce, among others.

Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor  

Bengali cuisine is served in the Gupi-Bagha-themed restaurant Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor. The variety of delectable vegetarian dishes, spicy mutton, traditional Chingri Malaikari, melt-in-your-mouth ilish bhapa, and more is endless, just like this restaurant. Come and enjoy the best authentic Bengali cuisine has to offer. Try some classic Bengali food to bring back the charm of the ancient Bengali cuisine that you all miss today. Bengali sweets have always played a significant role in our lives, and the distinctive recipes and high standards of hygiene that this restaurant upheld propelled us towards their goal of introducing fine eating to the people of Kolkata.

Pizza Hut  

When discussing the world’s culinary achievements or, more importantly, foods that people love all across the world, pizza is right in the mix, if not at the top of the list. It is not difficult to discover that people from all walks of life and generations can’t get enough of eating pizza. Pizza maintains a special place in everyone’s heart and stomach on the planet, unlike almost any other food. Pizza Hut offers such food to the customers through home food delivery services. 

This year, thousands of new users from Kolkata joined Swiggy. Users picked convenience, and different food items were ordered online than ever before. Because they have a solution for all types of food cravings, including those for pizza, Chinese food, or that chocolate cake you’ve been putting off for days, Swiggy is one of the go-to-choices for online meal delivery. Let us take a look at some of the perks offered by Swiggy: 

No Order Minimum

You have no order value restrictions with Swiggy, and you can even place a little order. You can therefore order food for both yourself and your friends.

Quick Delivery

Swiggy claims to bring food in 40 minutes, while the actual delivery time is usually 37 minutes. Thus, food delivery through Swiggy, food delivery to home is really quick.

Range of coverage

Swiggy’s coverage of distance is one of its key advantages. Using Swiggy, you may place an order from a restaurant located a long distance away. This choice also provides users the chance to taste food from numerous restaurants in the area.

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