19 Top Product Criteria to Consider When Shopping for an Online Head Shop


When shopping for an online head shop, there are many different factors that you should consider. For those who need a little help narrowing down the search, we have compiled a list of criteria that you should take into consideration before making a final decision. This blog post will discuss each factor and give examples of what to look for when evaluating your potential choices.

19 Top Product Criteria to Consider When Shopping for an Online Head Shop

Criteria#01: Product Variety

One of the biggest benefits of buying your head shop products online is that you will have access to a much wider variety.

Criteria #02: Product Quality

It’s important to take into consideration product quality when shopping for an online head shop. Make sure all items are made with high-quality materials and are designed for durability. You’ll want them to last, or at least stand up under regular use!

Some other things to consider include customer reviews on specific brands/items, warranty information, any health warnings provided by the manufacturer, etc…

Criteria #03: Privacy Protection / Security Measures

Enacted by Shop’s Website When browsing their website, does it feel safe? Does it look like they care about security measures? Pay attention to these details, as they could affect your shopping experience!

Criteria #04: Shipping / Delivery Timeframes

When ordering from online headshop product delivery times are often quite long. Make sure the shop you choose has a quick turnaround time for processing and sending items out – usually at least one week (but no more than three weeks).

If they’ve got slow turnaround times; chances are that their customer service is also lagging in responsiveness, etc…

Criteria #05: Customer Service Quality

Always asks about return policies before purchasing. Look up information regarding how easy or hard it is to contact them should any issues arise during the shipping/delivery of your order.

Do they have live chat support? What about a telephone number? Email? How quickly do they respond to inquiries?

Criteria #06: Prices

Compare prices on different websites before making your purchase. Some shops may have better deals with dab nails than others, so you must compare and find the best deal for you. Keep an eye out for sales and discounts, too!

Criteria #07: Product Availability

It’s always frustrating when you’ve found the perfect headshop product but it’s not in stock. Make sure the shop you choose has a wide selection of products available at all times – otherwise, what’s the point?

Criteria #08: Head Shop Brand Reputation

Do some research on popular head shop brands before purchasing from any online store. Try to find out what other people think about their products like dab rig, how they rate them etc…

Criteria #09: Customer Reviews

Reading reviews from previous customers can provide you with really helpful insights into a shop. What kind of experiences has others had? How long did it take for items to be delivered etc…? It’s always good to know the goods and bads before making your purchase!

Be sure not to base all of your purchasing decisions off customer reviews alone though – because everyone has different tastes! When considering this criterion make sure that you consider both positive AND negative feedback, as well as mixed opinions.

As mentioned previously; keep in mind that product quality varies between brands/items too – so don’t always go by the majority’s opinion.

Criteria #11: Head Shop Location

If you’re looking for a physical store to go and check out products before purchasing, then it’s important to find a head shop that is local to you. This will save on shipping time and costs!

Criteria #12: Customer Service Response Time

How quickly does the customer service team respond to inquiries? Do they have live chat support? Telephone number? Email? It’s important that you can easily reach out to them in case of any issues with your order.

Criteria #13: Product Photos / Videos

When considering purchasing a product, it’s helpful to be able to see what it looks like. Many online head shops have high-quality product photos and videos so that you can get a good idea of what the item looks like.

Criteria #14: Head Shop Product Quality

Do some research on different brands/items before purchasing from any online store. Try to find out what other people think about their products, how they rate them etc…

Criteria #15: Brand Authenticity

Make sure that you’re buying from an authorized dealer – this will ensure that you receive a genuine product, with all accompanying warranties, etc…

Criteria #16: Warranties / Guarantees offered by Shop

When shopping for an online headshop, it’s important to consider the guarantees and warranties offered by the shop. Many shops offer a satisfaction guarantee or money-back guarantee in case you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.

They also typically offer warranty information regarding the products that they sell – e.g., does it come with a manufacturer’s warranty, or are there specific guarantees offered by the shop?

Criteria #17: Return Policies / Exchanges

If you’re not entirely satisfied with your product, the shop should have a good return policy in place. Typically most shops offer returns up to 30 days after purchase – but make sure their policies are clearly stated on their website!

Criteria #18: Shipping & Delivery Speed

It’s important that when shopping for an online headshop, you consider how quickly they ship out orders and deliver them to customers. Some may take longer than others so it is worth researching about this before making any purchases. Make sure they provide tracking numbers too if available!

Criteria #19: Communication Ability

When considering communication ability when choosing the best online headshop; ensure you can easily get in touch with them in case of issues or concerns with your order. Communication can be via email, live chat, or phone!

To conclude that…

There you have it, 19 top criteria to consider when shopping for an online headshop. While the list may appear overwhelming at first, we hope it helps you make a more informed decision as you begin your search and ultimately find that perfect piece of glass art to add to your collection!

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