5 Significant Ways Covid-19 Has Changed School and College Education


Our world has serious problems such as wars, oppression, and other health issues. But, one disease has toppled the world for the last two years, and it is Covid-19. And, students are paying a high price due to this pandemic. Classes are now commenced online. Colleges had to adapt to severe changes within the past two years. But how has it affected the education system? Are students suffering? Or are they enjoying this situation? Read on to learn more.

1. Emergency in dormitories

One huge change that took place after Covid-19 restrictions were emergencies in the dormitory. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, multiple universities have changed their dormitory plans. The dormitory rooms that could board more than one person can now only board one person. Several reports found that various universities have reduced up to 25% of housing spaces for their students.

More than 12,000students lived in the dormitory of the University of Maryland in the USA till 2019. But, after the pandemic hit the entire nation, the number of residential students lowered. Therefore, we can comprehend that thousands of students had to find accommodations. And, they had to do it in a time when the entire world was amidst a severe lockdown. 

2. Textbooks are now digital

As the pandemic hit the world in 2020, physical textbooks came to a sudden halt. And, the entire education society of the first world nations got introduced to digital books. Digital textbooks have been trying to crawl their way up to the academic association for quite sometime. Yet, no university had considered using them until now. According to research, before Covid-19 hit the world, Universities used 20% of digital books for their classrooms. 

Things are different now; the USA has used more than 30% of digital textbooks for just their summer semesters. To state it bluntly, the Covid-19 pandemic has made students rely more on the world wide web than before. And this situation has led to more than one-third of students not buying textbooks. It is because these digital textbooks are often costly. And these students could afford to buy books at such a heavy price.

3. Offline to Online in a jiffy

The Coronavirus outbreaks compelled colleges to close overnight. And millions of students worldwide were forced to become online learners. This sudden shift had two jerking responses. One response involved positive feedback. Parents and senior internet-savvy students were happy with this change. These students now had the opportunity to seek external study help throughout the year. And they could rely on online tutors.

The second type of response involved multiple criticisms from parents and activists. These individuals claimed that online education is good for only a few selective classes of learners. For the rest of the economic classes, internet connection is unavailable; education and seeking homework help would become a distant dream. Few academicians also claimed that online education also lets multiple senior students cheat. Therefore, the shift from offline to online education has hampered numerous students’ futures in one way or another.

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4. No more international students

We all know that Coronavirus has led to multiple travel restrictions. Several travellers had to cancel their tickets at the moment. And obtaining a visa had become a harrowing ordeal. This also affected the entire international education sector. Before the pandemic broke out, millions of international students had traveled to foreign nations to pursue higher education. But, it all changed post-2020. 

Academic institutions in the USA alone lost more than $25 million in revenues due to the Covid-19 outbreak. In addition, multiple international universities rely on international students heavily. These students often had to pay total fees for admission without the possibility of scholarships or discounts.Hence, when these international students stopped enrolling in these institutions, universities faced severe financial challenges.

5. College employees getting fired

This point is directly correlated to the point above. According to reports, multiple universities could not admit international students. Therefore, this led to substantial financial losses. And once these financial losses became more prevalent, the universities started to lay off their employees.For example, in May 2020, Stanford University announced that they would be firing their employees. And despite their billion dollars endowment Stanford University stood by their announcement.

When the reporters questioned the universities regarding this issue, they claimed that they had gone through financial problems before. And the problems got further relevance due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. However, these universities claimed that these layoffs would be limited. And the university bode would not accelerate them for a long time. 

6. College closed

Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor, claimed that universities in the USA would close due to technological disruption. And he has made this claim for years now. And this claim came to be due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Several universities in the USA saw an abrupt close down because they could not switch to online teaching in time. One report claims that several more universities will close within five years.

One of the primary reasons for the shutdown would be a lack of money. But, other than that, technological issues would also be prevalent for these closedowns. Another report claims that some of these institutions would collaborate with other, more established institutions. However, it is still unknown and too soon to say which predictions would come true.

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7. Inequality would be increased

This point is directly related to students and racism. Many reporters claim that Coronavirus might increase the inequalities and discrimination among college students. According to a report of the NAACP, the coronavirus pandemic will cause discrimination among students. For example, white students would receive the housing benefits before the students of colour. And the Chinese students will face severe racism in nations like the USA or the UK.

Several reports already claim that Chinese students have faced multiple racial slurs and discrimination. And all of these happened during the coronavirus outbreak. Furthermore, wealthy students would receive more facilities from universities before others. And few reports also claim that these wealthy students would receive the best assignment help from their professors. And this will happen because their parents often donate to the university charity fund.

Final Note

Coronavirus outbreak has snatched everything from most of the world’s citizens. Multiple people have lost their loved ones. And students have lost their sight of careers. Throughout 2020 and 2021, journalists reported that those who graduated from school could not land proper jobs within these two years. One reason is that; organizations could not hire enough employees. Another reason is organizations did not consider these graduates eligible enough to work for their company.

Multiple students had taken out loans because they had a vision for themselves. But, that has been snatched away by the pandemic. So, go through these points and learn more about students’ struggles.

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